By-laws Amended By DAA Board


At its May meeting on campus, the Duke Alumni Association's board of directors unanimously approved changes in the bylaws that increase the DAA president's term from one to two years, keeps one instead of two immediate past presidents on the board for a year, and allows flexibility in the number of members, from "eighteen" to "not less than eighteen."

The number of student-body representatives will include but not be limited to presidents of undergraduate classes and student government, and "representatives from" rather than only the president of the Graduate and Professional School Council or their successor organizations.

In addition to president, president-elect, and secretary-treasurer, there will be vice presidents "elected by the board for one-year terms, which may be renewed up to two years corresponding to the association's fiscal year."

With the adjustment from two to one past presidents on the board, the nominating committee, composed of the five officers, now allows the remaining slot to be determined by the immediate past president, or the president, if the immediate past president declines to serve.

General representation on the board, which includes a variety of graduating classes, fields of study, and geographic areas, will, in addition, try to "reflect the demographics of the student body."

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