Making Brazilian Connections

Rubens Passos, Global Executive M.B.A. '99 connects Boulding with media and business leaders

Sitting in the middle of a futuristic set in São Paulo this past September, Dean Bill Boulding was surrounded by Brazil’s top journalists, who had the freedom to ask him anything for an hour and a half.

It was a prime position for the dean. The show was Roda Viva, a prominent TV program in that country.

Roda Viva is by far the best known television show in Brazil,” says Rubens Passos, Global Executive M.B.A. ’99. “Every influential decision-maker in the country watches the program, and there really is no equivalent to its prestige in the United States. Dean Boulding did an excellent job of representing the school on such a large platform and added great insight into current challenges facing the country.”

Roda Viva was just one interview the dean conducted as part of a series of meetings with Brazil’s most wellknown media outlets, including Valor Econômico, Época Negócios and Folha de São Paulo. Passos was instrumental in making those high-level media connections happen. He worked closely with Fuqua’s marketing team to identify opportunities in Brazil that could help raise the school’s profile. Passos then leveraged his relationships to connect staff with the appropriate contacts to form strong partnerships.

“We are so grateful for all the time Rubens spent helping our team really understand how we might be able to connect in Brazil in meaningful ways. Not only did Rubens make the introductions that led to success in our efforts, but he was a source of valuable insight throughout the process of forming key relationships and strong partnerships in Brazil,” Boulding says. “He is truly an example of how our alumni can help us make an impact around the world.”

Beyond media, Passos also connected staff with an organization that facilitated an event in São Paulo, during which Boulding presented to about sixty company presidents and CEOs. The talk centered on how business leaders could regain public trust during a time when economic turmoil and corruption scandals have deeply fractured trust in leaders.

“This was such a tremendous opportunity, not just to speak to CEOs in Brazil, but to really learn from them,” Boulding says. “The personal interactions I had at that event helped illuminate the magnitude of the issues some of these executives are facing, in trying to help turn the economy around and ensuring Brazil has the bright future I believe will ultimately emerge.”

Passos wasn’t the only alumnus who helped support the dean’s trip. Patricia and Diego Miron, both Daytime M.B.A. ’96, sponsored an alumni reception and an event at Intel.

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