Mobile Duke

Duke is launching a suite of new mobile applications that will enable students, visitors, and faculty and staff members to browse the campus events calendar, access campus maps, check live sports scores, and view top videos from iTunesU and YouTube, all from their mobile devices. The new applications—dubbed DukeMobile—have been developed specifically to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile population.

Users of devices like iPhones and BlackBerrys can easily navigate university resources with applications tailored to mo-bile browsing. Members of Duke's Office of Information Technology (OIT) collaborated with a team from TerriblyClever Design, a California-based Web-services company that has designed application tools for Stanford and other universities.

Upon release of the applications, OIT announced a contest challenging students to create their own designs. Winners will be selected in three categories: most innovative, most Duke-centric, and most able to work with global-positioning technology. Students will then be paired with a mentor at Duke to help bring their applications online to the university community.

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