Duke's home on the Internet has a new look.

The university's main website,, was launched this fall, and now more easily integrates original videos, feature stories, and other material from across the university. The heart of the design is a series of rotating images, each highlighting one of nine university themes. The images link to pages containing videos, narrated by current undergraduates, under headings like "Knowledge in Service to Society," "Inquiry Across Disciplines," and "Global Duke," along with other pertinent information on these topics.

The design incorporates elements of the university's admissions publications and meshes with recent redesign projects for Duke's administrative websites and those within the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. Other new features include an improved search engine, an A-to-Z directory of Duke websites, and prominent links to Duke's site for mobile devices and its emergency site.

Another notable feature of the new homepage is a "brand bar" tool that Duke's schools and other administrative units can add to their own sites to standardize the university's Web presence. Duke's homepage was last revised four years ago; it receives about 1 million visits each month.

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