A Place to Heal

New Cancer Center emphasizes a human touch.

It won’t surprise anyone that the new Duke Cancer Center contains the most advanced technology around for diagnosing and treating cancer. Some of the standout features of the $235 million facility, however, are decidedly low-tech. The center includes a meditation room, a shop for fitting wigs and turbans, a vast resource center to aid patients’ research, and a rooftop garden where patients can receive chemotherapy treatments—just a few of the elements designed to cater to cancer patients’ comfort and personal reflection.

Photo above- Holistic approach: Rooftop garden where chemotherapy patients can receive treatment. 

The seven-story building, located on Duke Medicine Circle, will bring together services that had been scattered among several clinics, including imaging, mammography, radiation oncology, pharmacy, and support services. It officially opened to patients at the end of February.


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