I understand that

on some days you will nurse lonely

you will argue with mirror

swallowing distorted images

telling yourself that you are not this kind of ugly

you will select colors that say “available”

and draw on a face that will make you believe

that the last one who doubted your beauty

was both blind and stupid

I fear that in those moments

you will forget

in the middle of lonely

is one

you are the one

who has overcome insurmountable obstacles

maybe not the same as mine

but they were your mountain to climb

and you climbed it

scaled it to peak

and met thin air

but thickened resolve


a perfectly shaped masterpiece

with flaws and failures

that make you irreplaceable

you are not the catch line to a phrase

nor the chorus to the latest song

you are a bridge

a bridge

the bridge

the connection between a broken yesterday

and a whole tomorrow


will never pass this way again

and you are glad about it

and this way will miss you

will covet your strong stance and your sturdy stride

as they will try to pull you back

will not know why but will try nonetheless

and you





you will keep walking

will not expend energy

on running 

from that which cannot follow

it cannot follow

they cannot follow

you cannot go back

they cannot follow

you cannot go back

they cannot follow

you will not go back

you are made of more

than tearful moments and well-crafted insults


are affected by words that sting

words carelessly placed

to harm you


acknowledge it all but never crumble

you are sand

you are waves

you cannot be still

you are waves

you cannot be silent

you are waves

at times white capped and wily

you are waves

you are ebb

and you are flow

and all the while

you are God’s rendition of peace be still


will stretch your hands to the sky

remind the sun, “This spirit created you”

and you will walk

like a million sunsets are bowing at your feet


unbreakable you

and you will be here

long after your spirit

has evacuated the shell

that you have painted perfection

I understand that

on some days you will nurse lonely

but you

will be defined

by the snow angels you left behind

when you fell


steadied yourself

and got back up again

Gaubault (McCrae) ’00 is an intentional lover of people and advocates for defining one’s personal freedom. 

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