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For more than a century, The Chronicle has seen itself as the first and best source of independent news and analysis about the Duke community and as a training ground for developing leaders in journalism and other areas. Now the student newspaper is renewing its efforts to reach out to former staff members and friends. The twin aims are to build its alumni network and enrich the experiences of current and future Chronicle-affiliated students.

The initial fruits of The Chronicle’s first comprehensive alumni-affairs program included a newsletter, an alumni portal at The Chronicle Online, and a gathering in 301 Flowers during this April’s Reunions Weekend. The newspaper is planning future Tifft Training Conferences, named in honor of the late journalist and professor of the practice of public policy studies Susan Tifft ’73; it is looking to recruit alumni whose Chronicle experiences inspired them to build careers in journalism and who want to use their skills and experience to train and mentor current Chronicle editors.

Alumni who want to get involved or just stay in touch have several options: join the LinkedIn group The Chronicle, the Independent Daily at Duke University; friend the Chronicle Alumni Network facebook page; visit The Chronicle Online and sign up for the daily e-mail message and use the forms on the alumni portal (alumni.duke chronicle.com) to update contact information and share news; or contact David Rice, director of external relations, at david.rice@duke.edu or (919) 684-0377.


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