Recognizing Political Reporting

Camera ready: journalist Harwood

Camera ready: journalist Harwood. Megan Morr

Political journalist John Harwood '78, who has reported on each of the last five American presidential elections, has received the 2006 Futrell Award for Outstanding Achievement in Communications and Journalism, given by the Sanford Institute's DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy. The award was established by Ashley B. Futrell Jr. '78, in honor of his father, Ashley B. Futrell Sr. '33, for his contributions to the university and to the profession of journalism.

Following graduation from Duke, Harwood worked as a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times; he later became the newspaper's state capital correspondent, Washington correspondent, and political editor, and traveled extensively in South Africa covering unrest against the apartheid regime there. In 1991 he joined The Wall Street Journal, first as a White House correspondent, then as a congressional correspondent. He became the Journal's political editor in 1997.

In March, Harwood joined CNBC as chief Washington correspondent, while continuing to write the Journal's "Washington Wire" political column and to oversee the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. He also delivers political analysis on MSNBC, on NBC programs such as Meet the Press, and on PBS's Washington Week in Review.

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