Reveling in Reunion


Reunion Revelers

Les Todd

Class gift records were set for 55th, 40th, 25th, 15th, and 5th reunions. The Class of 1980 shattered the existing reunion giving record (set by the Class of 1979) with a gift total of $2.6 million.Nearly 4,000 alumni and family members came back to campus for a dazzling reunion weekend in April. Attendance was 40 percent higher than five years ago, when these classes last held reunions. Here's a roundup of attendance: Class of 1945, 15 attending; Class of 1950, 33; Class of 1955, 218; Class of 1960, 119; Class of 1965, 117; Class of 1970, 156; Class of 1975, 242; Class of 1980, 511 (a record for 25th reunions); Class of 1985, 669 (a record for 20th reunions); Class of 1990, 405; Class of 1995, 671; and Class of 2000, 696, largest 5th reunion ever.

The Half-Century Club, for alumni who have celebrated their 50th reunion, holds its reunion each fall, and will gather on campus during Homecoming, September 30 through October 2.


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