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Honored: Brodhead with Lo. Les Todd

On Founders' Day, the university celebrates its roots and its supporters, honoring those who have served Duke exceptionally. The 108th celebration, held in Duke Chapel in early October, featured a keynote address by Joel Fleishman, professor of public policy and law and director of the Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Center for Ethics, Public Policy and the Professions at the Sanford School of Public Policy.

Fleishman, who has taught at Duke for thirty-eight years, was the founding director of the Institute of Policy Sciences and Public Affairs, now the Sanford School. He spoke about the importance of that institution's mission merging with the university's overall goal of educating "leaders with hearts to serve."

During the convocation ceremony, Fleishman, along with Ernest Mario, received the University Medal for Distinguished Meritorious Service, Duke's highest honor. Fleishman is known for his research on foundations and nonprofit organizations.

Mario, a pharmaceutical industry executive who was president of Glaxo, now known as GlaxoSmithKline, and later chair of Glaxo Holdings, is the second-longest-serving trustee in university history; his term spanned from 1989 to 2007. Mario served as the founding chair of the board for the Duke University Health System.

President Richard H. Brodhead also presented the Distinguished Alumni Award to journalist Judy Woodruff '68, Hon. '98. The Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award went to Mbaye Lo, assistant professor of the practice in Arabic.

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