Speaker Roundup: Roe v. Wade, Asia Pivot, Africa's Economy

  • Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, former national-security assistant under President Gerald Ford and President George H.W. Bush, as well as former military assistant to President Richard Nixon LL.B. ’37, at the Washington Duke Inn. He spoke about foreign-policy challenges.
  • Sarah Weddington, lawyer and former Texas state legislator, at the Reynolds Theater. Best known for representing “Jane Roe” in the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, she talked about women’s leadership and the continuing obstacles to women seeking leadership roles.
  • Richard Lugar, former Republican Senator from Indiana, at the Sanford School of Public Policy. He addressed “out of control” hyperpartisanship in American politics and the disintegration of personal relationships in Washington.
  • Kurt Campbell, assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, at the Sanford School of Public Policy. He spoke of “the Asia pivot” and the future of American power in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Arthur Mutambara, deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe, at the Fuqua School of Business. He spoke of Africa’s fast-growing economy and its future in international commerce.
  • Cary Sherman, chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, at the law school. He discussed the legal shifts the music industry is making to protect itself from declining sales.

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