ARTICLES BY Daniel Riley

  • October 2, 2012
    The skeptics are cordoned off by white drapes at the north end of Milk Studios in Manhattan, while the targets of their awe and ire, Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, scramble to prep their latest, super-secret tech venture for its unveiling. The details surrounding Airtime, Sean and Shawn’s first joint effort since Napster, have been sealed in silence, and though dozens of leading tech journalists were invited to Milk today for the launch, Airtime is rumored to be unnervingly glitchy.
  • January 31, 2010
    At the center of Pressure Cooker—the feature-documentary directorial debut of Jennifer Grausman—is a captivating recipe. One that Wilma Stephenson, the longtime culinary-arts instructor at Northeast Philadelphia's Frankford High, knows by heart and whips up year in and year out. One that Stephenson has refined to a curious blend of edification and evisceration.
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