ARTICLES BY Jeffrey E. Stern

  • Highs and lows: Children haul water up TV Hill, so named for the proliferation of antennas on its crest. Jeffrey E. Stern '07
    August 1, 2008
     Kabul, AfghanistanAfghans have strange ways of memorializing their wars.
  • October 1, 2007
    An EA-6B Prowler jet swoops low into a valley, banking and weaving in perfect concert with contours of the terrain. It is a crystal clear day, the mountains' quietude broken only by the thunder of the aircraft's turbojet engines as they blast the plane through the valley at 550 mph.
  • Taking account: Arduin answers questions after California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announces his $99 billion state budget for 2004-2005. © Ken James/Corbis
    October 1, 2006
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