Liz (Linzer) Cohen '09

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Philadelphia, PA

Finding your passion and landing a job you love should be an empowering and delightful process. Yet, many job seekers describe their experience as lonely, long, demoralizing, and confidence-sapping. With nearly a decade of experience helping job seekers, we've determined the critical components of making the job search process delightful and effective. If you're ready to commit to doing it right, we're here to help you focus your energy and achieve results.

Next Step Careers is led by Founder and Head Coach Liz Cohen, a career coach with a background in corporate social responsibility and professional coaching with organizations including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Duke University. Liz fell in love with coaching while managing Duke University's undergraduate social entrepreneurship program, helping students discern initiatives and careers that would make a tangible impact in the world. Most recently, Liz developed and managed LinkedIn's underserved job seekers training program in 30 cities worldwide. Liz has coached hundreds of job seekers and firmly believes that everyone deserves to land a job they love -- and with the right approach, anyone can.

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