Brian Alco '11

(703) 899-2824
Durham, NC
Brian specializes in coaching the "Next Generation" of young professionals, first-time managers and their teams. Because there is no cookie-cutter manual for success, he works with these individuals and their companies through an intentional process of business coaching and consulting to create opportunities for them to discover their abilities, develop their skills, and ultimately deliver results. As he coaches these rising stars, Brian knows goals can vary and often change throughout an engagement, but he facilitates that process to achieve outcomes that last. He sets high level goals that guide client engagement, and also action- oriented goals that between meetings to ensure forward progress. He has regular check-ins, progress trackers, and even development plans as needed. Feedback and continual improvement are at the center of his engagements. He continues to iterate with clients until the desired outcome is w ell-defined and ultimately achieved. He operates under the premise that because each of us is unique, individuals could benefit from a customized approach tailored to their needs.

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