Lawrence Hedblom '78

(312) 337-5955
Chicago, IL

Lawrence works well with professionals who are moving from managing to leading and need help in making the transition. This includes middle to senior management at large companies, plus senior management to C-suite with smaller companies and non-profits. He is skilled at helping these professionals step up their performance to create a new leadership brand for themselves and let go of old ways of being for greater success in more senior roles. He works well with a broad spectrum of clients across many industries, and is an especially good fit with the banking community and finance in general, but is not limited to this sector.

Lawrence is also a good fit with people who want to build their confidence and be more assertive. Plus, those who want more satisfaction in their work life and personal fulfillment at home. He takes a strength-based approach and is naturally supportive and encouraging.

Lawrence meet clients where they are. After discerning an initial sense of where they are and what they want to achieve, He will recommend one or more assessments. He finds self assessments in the discovery stage increase client awareness, which is a crucial first step in the change process.

After an initial discovery process of uncovering strengths, interests, skills and communication style, Lawrence works with the client to articulate what an ideal outcome looks like. Then, he collaborate on an action plan and follows up by getting into action. He provides gently accountability to ensure that clients stay on track and reach their goals. Together with the client, he measures effectiveness on reaching or significantly moving closer to these goals.

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