Kristin Meek '08

(914) 629-5819
Washington, DC

Kristin works with anyone, any age or industry, willing to dig in and do the work towards discovery and development to better utilize their talents, skills and interests towards greater purpose, productivity and well-being. Her coaching approach is rooted in positive psychology, neuroscience, nature, and ancient wisdom.

Kristen has a discovery call with each new client where they define their goals and desired state upon the completion of the work. Her clients define success on the first call; each one brings a unique past, present and future. Together, she and her clients determine the "delta" and growth they seek to see and feel from coaching. She is fluent in the language and science behind the StrengthsFinder assessment; and often begins work with Strengths to learn more about a clients’ unique lens and filter towards work, relationships and problem solving.

Each client is unique, therefore, her work with every individual is customized. They build a roadmap towards the goals and outcomes most important and immediate. Always moving towards their milestones for success, joy, and growth, they consistently review where they are in proximity to their goals and best self. Her approach is customized and rooted in accountability. Every session ends with action items that clients will experiment with for the following week; the next call begins reviewing their weekly key learnings and "a-ha's". This framework puts experiential learning and action at the forefront of our their together.

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