Susan Gurnik - MBA'90

(407) 718-0895
Orlando, FL

Susan specializes in clients that are looking for a change but not sure which direction to go, or don't know how to do the job search because they have no clarity surrounding the perfect job. She helps clients gain clarity, discover and define their personal brand, and network to that next job.

Her initial step is a free consultation to learn more about client’s goals and explore fit. Following coaching engagements typically begin with an assessment(s). While no one assessment can capture the uniqueness of an individual, this process opens up dialogue and makes the engagement move forward in a timely manner. Then the process goes through three steps: (1) Gain clarity of strengths, skill set and desired work environment. Ability to articulate the perfect job. (2) Explore how strengths and desires line up with realities of the marketplace. Decide upon focus of job search. (3) Create succinct personal brand and other marketing materials such as resume. Develop networking and job search strategy.

Duke Alumni receive a 30% discount on all coaching packages. Coaching engagements are typically 3-6 months with specific goals in each month of the engagement. The number of meetings per month is dependent upon the goals but generally there are more session in the first months and the first session is an extended meeting.

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