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Distinguished Alumni Award

Charles Randolph-Wright2017 recipient: Charles Randolph-Wright '78

As a freshman at Duke University, Charles Randolph-Wright ‘78 was on a pre-med track. But when his roommate showed up to his organic chemistry lab with an extra ticket to the musical Pippin, everything changed. He skipped class and went to the show—a first step that led to a nearly 40-year musical theater career.

Randolph-Wright says that he was looking for a sign when he moved to New York City following graduation in 1978 because he still was holding out for medical school.

“I wanted to know, should I go to med school or should I pursue theater? I began to audition, and the first show I got was Pippin.

That was it for me. I have yet to enroll in med school,” he says.

What he did enroll in, however, was a life committed to the stage. As Randolph-Wright's career developed, so did his roles: He was part of the original cast of the Tony-nominated musical Dreamgirls. He led a revival of Guys and Dolls; directed the musical Blood Knot, featuring music by Tracy Chapman; and wrote and directed a musical with BeBe Winans called Born for This. And, in perhaps his most meaningful role thus far, Randolph-Wright directed Motown the Musical both on Broadway and throughout a national tour.

“Directing Motown was the ultimate life-changing event in every way,” Randolph-Wright says, who grew up during desegregation in the United States.

Music, he says, had the power to unite.

“Motown music is what saved us,” he says. “It’s what brought us together.”

And that kind of experience is what Randolph-Wright says he tries to do every night in the theater.

“We bring people together, and it is a gift that I get to give to audiences,” he says.

Past Distinguished Alumni Award honorees

2017: Charles Randolph-Wright '78
2016: Kimberly Jenkins ’76, ME’77, PhD ’80
2015: Kimberly Blackwell ’89, H.S.’00
2014: Gerald Bard Tjoflat LL.B.'57
2013: E. Blake Byrne '57
2012: Jack Bovender ’67, M.H.A. ’69
2011: Wilhelmina M. Reuben-Cooke '67
2010: Harold L. Yoh, Jr. (Spike) E’58, P’83, P’85, P’87, P’88, P’93, GP’09
2009: Judy C. Woodruff '68, HON '98
2008: Roy J. Bostock '62, P'85, P'91, P'94
2007: Peter M. "Pete" Nicholas '64 and Virginia Lilly "Ginny" Nicholas '64
2006: Sally Dalton Robinson '55 and Russell M. Robinson II '54, J.D. '56
2005: Dr. Paul E. Farmer '82
2004: Raymond D. Nasher '43
2003: James G. Dalton, Sr. '44
2002: Edward H. Benenson '34
2001: Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. B.S.E.E. '47
2000: John A. Koskinen '61
1999: Dorothy Lewis Simpson '46
1998: Robert M. Price, Jr. '52
1997: William Bevan A.M. '43, Ph.D. '48, LL.D. '72
1996: Jay M. Arena M.D. '32, Eugene F. Corrigan '52 and Margaret Taylor Smith '47
1995: John Alexander McMahon '42
1994: John A. Forlines '39
1993: Lester R. Brown '36
1992: Lenox Baker M.D. '34
1991: John H. Adams LL.B. '62
1990: L. Neil Williams '58, J.D. '61
1989: Isobel Craven Drill '37
1988: W. David Stedman '42
1987: Edwin L. Jones, Jr. B.S.C.E. '48
1986: Reynolds Price '55
1985: Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans '39, LL.D. '83
1984: Elizabeth Hanford Dole '58
1983: William C. Styron '47, Litt.D. '65
1982: Juanita M. Kreps A.M. '44, Ph.D. '48, LL.D. '93

Charles A. Dukes Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

2017 recipients:

Ross Arnold and Yum ArnoldRoss Arnold ’67, J.D. ’76 and Yum Arnold

The quintessential Duke volunteers, the Arnolds have supported Duke in many diverse ways through their collective service on boards such as the Fuqua Board of Visitors, the Nicholas School of the Environment Board of Visitors and the Duke University Libary Advisory Board. In addition, they have inspiried friends, fellow alumni and their own children to support and serve the Duke community through volunteerism and financial investment.


Melissa BernsteinMelissa Bernstein ’87

Melissa Bernstein is the co-founder of handmade toy company Melissa & Doug, which she began in her home garage with her husband, Doug, in 1988. She has revolutionized the way children learn to imagine, play and learn and has changed the way entrepreneurship is pursued at Duke. Bernstein began the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurship Program at Duke, which provides a small group of students the opportunity to work alongside Duke mentors, meet with her and Doug throughout the year and gain real-world knowledge for launching their own start-ups.


Dan DickinsonDan Dickinson ’83

Dan Dickinson has been instrumental in bolstering the Duke engineering community over the past 12 years and has played a key role in lifting the school to the level it is at today. He has served as a board member, vice chair and recent chair of the Pratt School of Engineering Board of Visitors--engaging with the school through the tenure of three different deans. In addition, he served on the selection committee for visionary Pratt dean, Ravi Bellamkonda.


David FeldmanDavid Feldman ’80, M.D. ’84

David Feldman has served Duke tirelessly for more than three decades. He has been a member of the Medical Alumni Council for eight years, including service as president. In addition, he is a dedicated interviewer for the Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee (AAAC), whose members meet with prospective Duke students, and has served on both the Trent Semans Center for Health Education Steering Committee and the DukeNY regional board as the co-chair.


Virginia LangVirginia Lang B.S.N.’67

Virgina Lang is an emeritus member of the Nursing Alumni Council at Duke School of Nursing and the former chairperson of the Nearly New Shoppe, the Duke thrift store founded by a group of Duke Health faculty spouses to fund student scholarships. Lang volunteers at the Nearly New Shoppe, helping customers and collecting donations. Through her dedication and tireless efforts, Lang has enabled many Duke students to attend the top nursing schools in the nation.


Past Charles A. Dukes Award honorees

2017: Ross Arnold ’67, J.D. ’76 and Yum Arnold, Melissa Bernstein ’87, Dan Dickinson ’83, David Feldman ’80, M.D. ’84, Virginia Lang B.S.N.’67
2016: Christopher Burns ’79, P’08, P’10, P’14, P’17, Kareem Cook ’94, M.B.A.’00, Michael Fields ’79, David and Lori Haley P’16, P’19, Ron Nicol M.B.A.’86
2015: Stuart Dean '75, P'03, P'11, Sally Searcy Kleberg ’66, P’91, P’94, Harsha Murthy '81, Karl Sheffield '54, Gregg Tenser '89
2014: W. Barker French A.B.’63, William W. McCutchen B.S.C.E.’62 and Irene Lilly McCutchen A.B.’62, Hardy Vieux A.B.’93, Karl G. Wellner and Deborah A. Norville, Myles Wittenstein A.B.’59
2013: C. Leland Bassett '59, Nelson Bellido '89, Mary "Kazie" C. Metzger WC '68, Peter Moller '61, Jean Derek Penn '79, M.B.A.'84
2012: Mary Dawson WC '53, Ann Pelham Cullen ’74, Ruth Ross WC’68, Lewis Fred Sutherland '73 and Barbara H. Sutherland '75, Jerry Wilkinson E’67, Bill J. Geary P’12, P’15 and Kristi J. Geary P’12, P’15
2011: Artyn Haig Gardner '73, Alice Matheson Stanback WC’53, Fred J. Stanback, Jr. ’50, Paul S. Teller ’93, Melvia L. Wallace ’85
2010: Thomas C. Clark '69, Harry H. Esbenshade, III ’79 (Hap), Jeffrey H. Fox ’84, Kathryn Crommelin Lieb ’69, Richard B. Lieb ’69, Owen A. May M.B.A.’83
2009: Betsy Alden-Rutledge WC’64, Marilyn Mayberry Arthur WC’56, P’79, P’88, Danal Blessis B.S.E.’82, Jill Bayer Ciporin ’84, Jill Moskowitz Gardner ’89, Janis Jordan Rehlaender B.S.E.’77, P’07,’09, ’11
2008: Alberto Jose Delgado ’93, R. Ross Harris ’78, M.B.A.’80, William P. Miller ’77, Mark E. Stalnecker ’73, Robert C. Taylor ’49, LL.M.’52, Mike S. Zafirovski P’08, Robin G. Zafirovski P’08
2007: Babita Lal Deitrich B.S.E.’89, M.B.A.’96, Kathleen E. Viall Gallagher B.S.N.’75, Sibylle Gierschmann LL.M.’99, David E. Majestic ’80, M.H.A.’83
2006: Erica Berg Gavin ’96, John R. Gordon P’06, Kiendl D. Gordon P’06, Roy W. Kiefer M.B.A.’78, Derrick Banks Mashore ’79
2005: Wilton Dale Alston B.S.E.’81, Charlotte Reeves Clark ’79, MEM’83, Diana L. Crawford P’01,P’03,P’05, Thomas W. Crawford P’01,P’03,P’05, Nikki Hurst Gibson ’80, Christopher W. A. Holt M.B.A.’96, Peter J. Kahn JD’76, Kenneth Durham Weeks, Jr. MD’74
2004: Michael J. Bingle E’94, Kate Bostock ’94, Frank Burney ’76, Susan Lynn Callahan ’86, James G. Dalton ’44, Lee E. Faber ’64, Anne DeVoe Lawler ’75, Dan Levitan ’79, Ariane H. Matschullat P'04, Robert W. Matschullat P’04, Richard S. Miller ’68, Peter M. Nicholas, Jr. ’92, B’98, Robert R. Penn ’74, Simon B. Rich, Jr. ’67, Matt D. Sample ’96, Edwin Colby Walton ’94, Sara Towe Wood WC’42
2003: Christopher A. R. Brice ’87, Curtis Francis Brockelman, Jr. ’91, Douglas M. Firstenberg ’82, R. Menese Gardner ’42, Peter C. Griffith ’78, T. Rudolph Howell M’58, Sang Chul Lee G’76, Charles B. Looper ’53, P’78, P’86, Joanne L. Mazurki ’74, Alex F. Roland, PhD ’74
2002: William A. Bermont, II ’97, Daniel L. Dees ’92, Michael Dockterman L’78, Ann Wooster Elliott ’88, Jason W. Goode ’97, J.D.’00, William J. Griffith, III ’50, Robert T. Harper ’76, Scott I. Kaplan ’92, Mark S. Militello ’84, Richard H. Patterson, Jr. ’80, Jonathan B. Rosen ’92, John Sacha ’70, Suzanne J. Wasiolek ’76, G’78, L’93, Seth A. Watkins, BSE’92, MS’93, PhD’96, JD’99, Cary Willis Weems ’77
2001: James F. Akers ’73 (Jake), Peter H. Burian (Faculty), James Allen Byerly, Jr. ’74, Melody Tope Hainline ’82, Michael R. Hemmerich ’80, L’85, B’94, Page Ives Lemel BSE'84, Ruth Ann Hall Sauter ’71, John T. Tolsma ’95, Joseph E. Walker, ’51, M’60, Harold G. Wallace BD'71, Patricia Speight Wilson ’76, William T. Wilson ’76, Russell Wright '71 (Rusty)
2000: Sara Hall Brandaleone WC’65, Robert M Carter ’65, Camille Crittenden G’91, G’97, Ted S. Levy E’63, Walter W. Simpson III B’74, Robert K. Steel ’73, Donald W. Wallis '72, J.D.'74
1999: Catherine Angell ’73, Susan F. Kistler BSN'84, MSN'94, Bruce J. Ruzinsky ’80, JD'83, Michele M. Sales ’78, JD'81, Mohamed O. Sarhan JD'99, Stephen A. Windham ’93
1998: Adrienne L. Baroff ’87, Anne Tyrell Elmore A.B.'78, Sumathi R. Jones A.B.'87, A.M.'95, Grace P. Lowden ’52, David C. Rorer PhD’64, Margo D. Rorer MAT'65, W. Earl Sasser ’65
1997: Charles B. Corley, Jr. E'49, Cecelia Gassner E'94, Charles V. Ghoorah AB'91, JD'94, AM'94, Edward M. Reefe E'68, Nora Lea Rogers Reefe W'67, Sheri Sauter '97, John L. Sherrill '50, Susan Payor Wilkerson '83
1996: Marion and Penny Antonini P'96, Eva Herbst Davis '87, James E. Gibson, Jr. '50, Terri Lynn Mascherin '81, Laurie Eisenberg May '71, Randolph J. May '68, JD'71, Stacy Leigh Sempier '81, Harold L. Yoh, Jr. E'58
1995: Charles M. Couric '68, Joyce Harrold Hamilton '65, Kathleen Dobson Ix E'79, Lisa Edelman McLaughlin '78, Robert Williams McLaughlin '79, Charles M. Smith '62, D'65, Laurel Kimbrough Walsh '63, John A. Yarborough '41, M'44, Gwynne A. Young '71
1994: Rex D. Adams '62, Elizabeth Huggin Collins '58, Joanne Yoder Dearth '70, Dara Lyn DeHaven AM'74, JD'80, James C. Geoghegan '54, James F. Girand E'59, Calvin Hill P'94, Janet Hill P'94, Robert M. Price, Jr. '52, Robert Rosemond '49, M'53, Judith Burns Smedberg '65, Kathleen Stone Sorley '79, A. Morris Williams, Jr. '62, MAT'63
1993: Jay Morris Arena M.D. '32, Lawrence E. Blanchard, Jr. AB'42, Louis H. Fracher AB'42, William O. Goodwin '68, Nancy Jordan Ham AB'82, Harvey B. Hamrick '54, Virginia Versagli Herndon AB'75, Thomas P. Losee, Jr. AB'63, David C. Martin AB'52, William W. Neal III '54, Peter Robert Schmidt '56, Nancy Russell Shaw L'73
1992: Helen and Bill Curtin P'92, Rebecca Weathers Dukes WC'56 (Becky), F. Reid Ervin E'42, N. Allison Haltom WC'72, Lawrence Foy Hayes, Jr. D'75, Kenneth W. Hubbard '65, Nancy Page Jackson '68, Anthony J. Limberakis, M.D. M'79, Richard A. Palmer L.L.B.'66 (Chip), Marjorie Anderson Pipkin WC'66, Kenneth H. Pugh E'70, Michael G. Reiland '75, Pamela Landreth Reiland '75, Guy Solie '67, Doris A. Stoessel WC'67
1991: Michele Clause Farquhar '79, John E. Hansen '59, Robert L. Heidrick '63, W. Eric Hinshaw '71, David G. Klaber JD'69, Katy Sords Mercer '77, Paul D. Risher E'57, Elaine R. Sanders '91, Jack D. Williams, M.D.'60, M'65, Charles Howe Wilson '51
1990: Edward G. Bowen, M.D. '57, M'59, Donald B. Brooks '65, L'68, Lawrence C. Davis '40 (Crash), Patricia A. Dempsey '80, Anton Henry Gaede, Jr. L'64, Robert A. Garda E'61, Lawrence E. Goldenhersh '77, Laura Anne Hancock '82, William E. King '61, G'63 '70, James E. Love, III '79, C. Maness Mitchell '41, D'44, Vincent L. Sgrosso '57, J.D.'62, Fred W. Shaffer '54, Margaret Taylor Smith '47, Carolyn Cone Weaver '59
1989: Darryl Wade Copeland E'58, Palmer Peebles Garson '79, Katherine Wood Gauld '61, S. Perry Keziah, Jr. '54, J.D.'54, Roberta C. Pearlman P'90
1988: Edward P. Berger '58, A.M.'59, Frances Adams Blaylock '53 (Parkie), Stanley G. Brading, Jr. '75, E. Blake Byrne '57, Julie Campbell Esrey '60, Joseph C. Farmer M.D.'62, H.S.'62‑'65, '67‑'70, Robert T. Johnson, Jr. '58, Francis E. Kelly, Jr. '44, Charles W. Petty, Jr. LL.B.'63, Barbara Albers Rinella '65, Thomas C. Schneider P'87, Eula Wilson Wake '29, Gregory Scot Wolcott E'78
1987: James H. Corrigan, Jr. E'47, Dan W. Hill, III '66, Jan Blei Jason M.Ed.'73, Cynthia A. MacLeod '75, John P. Ondek, Jr. '37, Leon L. Rice, Jr. J.D.'36, Dorothy Lewis Simpson '46, William R. Sizemore M.F.'47, Catherine Stilson Thompson '78, James D. Warren '79, Arthur E. Wheeler E'47, Virginia Tate Williams N'56
1986: Chester J. Andrews '29, B.D.'32, R. William Bramberg '57, Charlotte Corbin '35, George J. Evans, Jr. E'56, Brenda LaGrange Johnson '61, John A. Koskinen '61, Robert F. Long '41, Margaret Castleberry Malone N'39, F. Maxton Mauney, Jr. M.D.'59, Thomas E. McLain '68, J.D.'74, Robert E. Mitchell LL.B.'61, Kathleen Bryson Moore '35, George W. Nance '36, Dale R. Shaw '69, M.D.'73, Brian Stone LL.B.'63
1985: James N. Barton E'60, Henry M. Beck, Jr. '73, John P. Bent, Jr. P'88, Susan Parker Bishopric '50, Roy S. Bredder '65, Werner C. Brown '42, O. Charlie Chewning, Jr. '57, William M. Eagles '40, M.D.'44, Clay S. Felker '51, F. Owen Fitzgerald, Jr. B.D.'54, Marvin A. Franklin, III '70 (Gus), Emile L. Gebel '58, M.D.'62, Carol Anspach Kohn '60, Edward J. Landau '51, Harry L. Nolan, Jr. '64, Alan E. Rimer E'64, Elizabeth Becker Taylor '49
1984: Timothy C. Barber '78, Julia Caudle Cogburn '78, William C. Dackis E'44, Margaret Washburn Davis '37, J. Roland Goode '36, Edward M. Hanson, Jr. '73, A.M.'77, J.D.'77, Julie Kline Hopper '61, James A. Matthews, III '78, Richard Maxwell E'55, Frederick W. Neu E'34, Pamela Sargent Newsome N'69, Anna Cooper Painter R.N.'48, B.S.N.Ed.'54, Betty Smith Speir '49, Jeannette Mumford Straub N'63, M.S.N.'66, K. David Straub '59, M.D.'65, Ph.D.'68, Charles E. Warner M.D.'58
1983: George D. Beischer '63, Susan Fox Beischer '63, Joan Kansteiner Berthoud '49, Sharon Stewart Byrd '61, Katherine Mitchell Couch N'58, George F. Dutrow '59, M.D.'60, Ph.D.'70, Charles R. Fyfe, Jr. '68, M.B.A.'74, Rufus R. Hambright '44, M.D.'50, Richard M. Hiergesell '39, Nelson P. Jackson '53, W. Arthur Kale '25, B.D.'31, Amos R. Kearns, Jr. '58, Gayle Cooper Kearns '58, Nancy Weigle Kraus '73, A.M.'74, George D. McCeney E'33, Robert K. Montgomery LL.B.'64, Peter M. Nicholas '64, Virginia Lilly Nicholas '64, Beth Daniel Osborne N'77, Joanne Snow Osteen '58, David Stollwerk '64, Thaddeus B. Wester '46, M.D.'51, William B. Wilmer E'51

Beyond Duke Service and Leadership Award

2017 recipients:

Juan BatlleJuan Batlle'78, MD'79

Service to a Local Community

In 1972, Juan Batlle arrived at Duke with plans to become a doctor and to return to his home country of the Dominican Republic.

What he didn’t plan was to open a hospital for the poor 13 years later that has revolutionized eye care for an entire country. Batlle opened the doors of Elias Santana Hospital in 1985, meeting with about 20 patients a week. Today, hundreds—including Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina— flock to the hospital to visit with 28 faculty members trained and mentored by Batlle and to receive critical eye care, such as cataract surgery, that never before had been available. One of the most rewarding parts of Batlle’s job, the doctor says, has been restoring the sight of hundreds of blind patients.

“I have so many remarkable stories of people who have come to me either blind or on the verge of losing their sight and thanks to my training, experience and the advancements we’ve made in the field, I’m able to restore their sight or prevent blindness,” Batlle says.

His journey as a leading ophthalmologist wouldn’t have happened without Duke, Batlle says, where he met Dr. Joseph A.C. Wadsworth — the driving force behind the Duke Eye Center—who became Batlle’s “adopted father.”

“He mentored me, and both he and his wife provided a great deal of encouragement and emotional support,” Batlle says.

Today, Batlle lives in the Domincan Republic, where he remains involved in Elias Santana and teaches the next generation of ophthalmologists at the Instituto Tecnnologico de Santo Domingo how to carry on the work he started.


Lauren FineLauren Fine J.D.'11

Service by a Young Alumna

Lauren Fine J.D.’11 was at her Duke-sponsored internship at the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia in 2010 when she found a cause worth fighting for: the rights of young people in the justice system.

For the first time in her journey from Yale to Duke to becoming a lawyer, Fine learned about the state’s high number of juveniles who are sentenced in the adult justice system—Pennsylvania has 25 percent of the world’s juveniles sentenced to life—and heard from teenagers who felt powerless to advocate for themselves or to even explain what happened.

“My eyes were opened not only to the injustice and issues within the system but also to the potential to help and to restore hope to young people and their families,” Fine says.

Under Pennsylvania’s current system, a youth who is 15 years or older can be tried as an adult under certain conditions—including situations in which he or she is found with another juvenile who has a deadly weapon. Those stipulations, don’t leave room for bad decisions a person could make as a youth, Fine says.

Realizing what was at stake for juveniles caught in the adult system, Fine and another fellow lawyer quit their jobs to launch the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project, a Philadelphia non-profit that is committed to working on cases to move them out of the adult system and to ensuring that individuals who were sentenced to life without parole as children have the opportunity for a resentencing hearing.

As her work progressed, Fine learned that the parents of the juveniles where being charged for the cost of their children’s jail time. Working alongside many of her clients, Fine trumpeted a change in policy—eventually halting the mounting incarceration bills families were receiving.

And, just last year, a Supreme Court ruling that it was unconstitutional to uphold mandatory sentencing of life without parole for juveniles was made retroactive, meaning that incarcerated persons who had received life sentences as children could be considered for release. Three hundred Philadelphians and their families were impacted by that decision—keeping Fine busy with resentencings hearings and preparing reentry services for the hundreds nearing release.

The work, Fine says, is rewarding because of the teens she works with every day.

“My biggest source of hope is in the young people who are facing these difficult, incredibly overwhelming and often unfair situations, yet are able to maintain their dignity and humanity. They never fail to inspire me,” Fine says.


Neal Keny-Guyer

Neal Keny-Guyer '76

Service to the Global Community

On a recent humanitarian trip to the Gaza Strip, Neal Keny-Guyer ’76 partnered with Google to create a tech incubator for young entrepreneurs with big dreams for business in an area of the world threatened daily by instability and violence. Out of that incubator, rose two of the top 100 businesses in the Middle East.

It was the perfect example, Keny-Guyer says, of the hope and resiliency he encounters daily on his trips as the head of global aid agency Mercy Corps.

“It was so exciting not only for the young people but also for us that these results were possible in the midst of such turmoil and instability in the region,” he says.

As the CEO of Mercy Corps, Keny-Guyer travels to where aid is needed most—among more than 40 countries throughout the world—to deliver swift humanitarian aid and to enact innovative programs to bring about social and economic change.

“We are zeroing in on solving issues like clean water and clean energy through nanotechnology as well as being able to provide access to first world options like financial security with mobile,” he says.

Looking back, Keny-Guyer can trace the beginnings of his path to his undergraduate years at Duke University. He arrived at Duke in 1972, at the end of the Vietnam War and during a pivotal time in the Civil Rights Movement. He double majored in religion and public policy, a combination that prepared him for a future pursuing social change. After Duke he would go on to work with at-risk youth in Washington, D.C., Cambodian refugees in Thailand, and tens of thousands of children in developing countries as a director at the international NGO Save the Children. In 1994, Keny-Guyer joined the ranks at Mercy Corps and hasn’t looked back.

“I know change can happen in these areas; I’ve witnessed it during my lifetime,” he says. “I spend 75% of my time traveling around the globe to precarious places, where life is incredibly difficult. And yet, I continue to meet the most extraordinary people committing daily acts of heroism despite their circumstances. It is so inspiring and fills me with great hope.”

Past Beyond Duke Service and Leadership Award honorees

Juan Batlle'78, MD'79 (Local Community)
Neal Keny-Guyer '76 (Global Community)
Lauren Fine J.D.'11 (Young Alumni)
William Barber M.Div.’89 (Local Community)
Thomas Catena M.D.’92 (Global Community)
Zachary Graumann '10 and Casey Miller ’10 (Young Alumni)
Maria Gibbs '12 (Young Alumni)
Mark Hecker '03 (Local Community)
Sally Heller Rankin M.S.N.’78 and Rev. William Rankin ’63, Ph.D.’77, A.M.’79 (Global Community)
Sylvia Mead Earle A.M.’56, Ph.D.’66, D.S. Hon.’93 (Global Community)
Ronald O. Sally A.B.'84 (Local community)
Andrew Cunningham A.B.'08 (Young Alumni)


Forever Duke Award

2017 recipients:

Maria Acebal ’90

Bruce Barlow M.B.A. ’87
Kate Bennett ’81

Josh Bissu ’03

Margaret Brackett ’93
Michael Calvo ’02
Zela Chin ’03
Lea Courington J.D.’77
Debbie Roy Crumpler ’86
Wendy del Real ’90, J.D.’93
Claire Florian ’09
Heidi Giusto Ph.D.’12

Mary Gregory ’88
Ana Homayoun ’01
Nicholas John Leonardy ’81, M.D.’85
Rachel Mangoubi ’03
Phil McKenzie M.B.A. ’99
TJ Morales ’06
Allen Nelson ’86, J.D. ’89
Uche Osuji ’95, M.B.A. ’01
Lynn Rauch ’85
Ari Redbord ’97
Russ Richards ’03
Heidi Eads Spies ’01
Fred Steckler ’83
Mark Vahradian ’89
Josie Witte ’02
Lynne Wolitzer ’87
Elizabeth Woodcock ’92
Gregg Wurster M.B.A.’03

2016 recipients:

Kwadwo Acheampong ’06

Anne Berry ’06

Lori Cashman ’94

Andrew Dillon ’96

Caroline Gottschalk J.D.’90, P’19
Matthew Hepburn B.S.E.’92, M.D.’96
Lisa Hough A.B.’87
Harry Jones B.S.’08, A.M.’10
Jamie Khanna M.B.A.’06
Sergey Khusnetdinov M.B.A.’13
Sally Lehman ’84
Robert Nichol ’69, P’00

Kyle Ott ’10

Erica Peppers ’03

Sandeep Sharma M.B.A.’01, P’19
Katherine Shea J.D.’10
Pam Stone A.B.’73, P’08
Gene Stroup M.E.M.’99
Gabriel Tsuboyama B.S.E.’00
Allison Wheeler ’80

2015 recipients:

Jeremy Block ’03, M.P.P.’10,
Sarah Borns ’72, P’02, P’08
Kwang-Lu Amy Chen ’00
Cuyler Christianson ’76
Thomas Fousse M.B.A.’94
Brian Greene ’05
Alex Guttler ’05, M.B.A.’12
Andrew Hananel ’01
Sarah Hostetter ’09
Katherine Hutton ’05, M.B.A.’11
Jason Jones ’91
Brooke Levin ’06
Leslie Lewis ’79
John Lipe ’02
Pam Liu ’11
Lyda Molanphy ’88
Nicole Pilo ’95
Kimberly Reed ’86
John Shen M.S.’96, A.M.’98
Jennifer Snook ’04, M.B.A.’11, M.E.M.’11
Doris Stoessel ’67
Denis Weinstein ’12
The Class of 2009 5th Reunion Co-Chairs
Samantha Abramson ’09
Kathy Sunyoung Choi ’09
Bari Claster ’09
Kendall Dabaghi ’09
Alex Gorham ’09
Jin-Soo Huh ’09
Sunny Kantha ’09
Madison Li ’09
Mhoire Murphy ’09
Shannon Nelson ’09
Megan Neureither ’09
Sam Payton ’09, M.B.A.’11
Kevin Thompson ’09, M.M.S.’10
Duke Proceed Committee
Jamaal Adams ’97
Sanders Adu ’94
Brenda Armstrong ’70, H.S.’79
Audrey Ellerbee Ph.D.’07
Isaac Green ’83, P’14
Pamela Martin Green ’85, P’14
Winston Henderson ’90, J.D.’96
Janet Hill P’94
Jeffrey Howard ’76, P’06, P’09, P’11
Reginald Lyon ’84
Naakoshie Nartey ’02
Ann Pelham ’74, P’06
Danielle Squires ’02
Hardy Vieux ’93
Anne Sempowski Ward ’94, M.B.A.’04
Janice Gill Williams ’72, P’93

Past Forever Duke Award honorees

2014 recipients:

Timothy C. Blank A.B.’80
Kate Golby Carp A.B.’80
Jonathan H. Chou M.B.A.’99
Paul C.G. Dewey Jr. A.B.’84
David W. Erdman B.S.E.’71
Alexander H. Gorham B.S.E.’09
Aruna N. Inalsingh M.B.A.’95
William Laverack Jr. and Cordelia Reardon Laverack A.B.’80
Tanya Shoenfelt Nizialek B.S.E.’91
Brian O’Dwyer M.B.A.’05
Anna Gunnarsson Pfeiffer A.B.’77
Christopher R. Plaut A.B.’84
Stephen N. Potter A.B.’79 and Ann Suker Potter A.B.’79
Brian D. Schwartz A.B.’75
Donald C. Stanners A.B.’79
Linda Hoffman Sterling A.B.’82, M.B.A.’83
The Class of 1983 Reunion Co-Chairs
Brent O.E. Clinkscale ’83 J.D.’86
Daniel McKenzie Dickinson B.S.E.’83
Isaac Hughes Green ’83
Roseann Viscomi Hassey ’83
Molly Eden Hendrick ’83
Barbara Nelson Janulis ’83
Steven Craig Rosner B.S.E.’83
Eric James Schiffer B.S.E.’83
Mark Edward Stephanz ’83
Rita McCloy Stephanz ’83
David Lawrence Trautman ’83
Joan Young Trautman ’83
Jeffrey W. Ubben ’83
Sterly Lebey Wilder ’83
Harold Lionel Yoh III B.S.E.’83
Sharon Crutcher Yoh ’83
Elisa Wholey Zachary ’83
Audrey Zambetti Zinman ’83
50th Anniversary Commemoration Regional Event Chairs
Zaid Abdul-Aleem ’94, A.M.’96
Jamaal Keith Adams ’97
Sanders Larsen Adu ’94
Valerie J. Barnwell ’79
D. Michael Bennett ’77
Kareem Abdul Cook ’94, M.B.A.’00
Nia Margaret Fripp ’98
Winston Elliot Henderson B.S.E.’90, J.D.’96
Reginald Otto Lyon ’84
Naakoshie Georgette Nartey ’02
Angelene Y. Reid ’76
David Roland Smith B.S.E.’84
Daniel B. Taylor III ’77
Maurice Orlando Wallace Ph.D.’95
Melvia Lynn Wallace ’85
Donald Gary Wine II ’04

2013 recipients:

Ellen Erway ’79
Olanike “Nikki” Fajana M.B.A.’00
Susan Cohen Gower B.S.N. ’80
Tami Sandercock Holsten ’89
Katherine Johnson ’93
Ariel “Ari” Eliezer Kestin ’95
Donald Latham ’62
Jennifer Lohn ’04
James McGinnis ’87
Junji Morishita M.B.A. ’03
Judith Wagoner Pahren ’84
Yasmin Rasyid ’98
Rita McCloy Stephanz ’83
Bharat Tandon M.B.A.’86
Lieutenant Colonel Euseekers “Zeke” Williams Jr. M.B.A. ’05
Eric Wong ’96
DUHLAA Board of Directors 2011-13
Nelson Bellido '89
Christopher D. Brandt '00
Paul Felipe Lagunes '03
Timothy Mendoza M.B.A.'92
Roberto Olivares III '88
Roberta Oyakawa '86
Duke Tampa Leaders
Tiffani Sherman '95
Michael Stein '97
Harry Venezia Jr. '86, M.B.A.'92
DukeNY City Board
William Allen Bermont II '97
Elizabeth Higgins '07
Linda Martin J.D.'96

2012 recipients:

Meredith W. Allin E’05
Alyssa Fanelli Benza E’02
Stephen Kirk Breckenridge ’83
Thomas Brodsky ’73
Rosie Canizares '04, DPT'07
J.P. Cardona M.B.A.’00
Julie Elizabeth Elhers ’85
Jimmy Grewal ’99
Nancy Hegarty ’83
Paul Honigberg ’77
William Hunt  ’84
Ellen Bers Johnson WC’68
Paul Kim ’97
Sheree Cooper Levy ’89
Tricia D. McKitty ’92, L’95
Tiffany Montgomery Bishop ’98
Ken Myers ’70
Joanne Robertson ’85, M.B.A.’87
Gisela Rose-Shortridge ’76
Donald Shlimbaum ’70
Newton Taylor L’60

2011 recipients:

Captain Christopher Anthony Abbate ’92
Major Randy J. Garcia '01
R. H. Eric Goss B’92
Grant Henry Hill ’94
William Asa Lawrence III ’85
T. Reid Lewis ’84
Catherine Richardson McCarthy ’86
Dr. William R. Norris B’07
Luis Ken Ohara ’02
Richard Herbert Patterson, Jr. ’80
Michael Joseph Rosen ’84
Kenneth Thomas Schiciano E’84
Nicholas J. Superina ’03
Gregg Stuart Tenser ’89
Edward Bryan Thomas ’98
Amy E. Unell ’03
Dr. Linda Z. Winikoff ’76
Class of 1981 Reunions Leadership
Susan Gavoor Delaney ’81
Julie E. Ferguson ’81
T. Ritson Ferguson III ’81
Mary Margaret Lang ’81
Elizabeth York Schiff ’81, L’85
Dr. James Andrew Schiff ’81

2010 recipients:

Ellen Cates Adams '62
Jill Lauren Arnold '97
Dr. Daniel R. Bronfin '79
Robin S. Buck '94
Connie T. Chai '10
Elizabeth R. Dixon '05
Dr. David J. Edwards IV M '07
Daniel Scott Feldstein '90
Sean W. Glynn '86
Fred E. Goldring '79
Jason K. Jones '91
Loree B. Lipstein '03
Yoav Lurie '05
Michael William Meyer '84
Dr. Megan M. Morsheimer '01
Amy Raffaella Shugar '98, M.B.A. '06
Sarah L. Stogner '04
Richard L. Strasburger, Jr. '10
Jeffrey E. Tabak '79, L '82
Anthony W. Vitarelli '05

2009 recipients:

Alice Lorraine Arthur ’79
Elise Taylor Atkins B.S.E.’78, M.S.’80
Terry J. Chili ’76, M.B.A.’82
Stacy Norman Coggins II ’74
Julie E. Ehlers ’85
Julie Guest ’85
Albert M Gumb ’56
Carson Dowd Howard ’76
Jeffrey C. Howard ’76
Meredith Smith McElmurry ’98
Sean C. Meakim ’01
Gavin K. Murphy ’02
Markus A. Nauheim LL.M.’96
Richard F. Piech ’70
Kimberly D. Reed ’86
Vijay A. Shah M.B.A.’85
Joseph J. Smallhoover ’75
Caroline Christy Susman ’88
Dawn M. Taylor ’89
Amy Dawson Tondu ’90
Mary McManaway Tucker ’81
Donald H. Tucker, Jr. ’81
Michael C. Weiner ’91
Susan Payor Wilkerson ’83
Samuel A. Wineburgh ’96

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (ADUTA)

Karin Shapiro2018-19 recipient: Dr. Leonard White, Department of Neurology

Leonard White came to Duke University in 1992 with his wife, Heidi White (Geriatric Medicine) for postdoctoral fellowships, after he received his PhD in neural biology from Washington University in St Louis. He joined the faculty in the School of Medicine in 1999 where he developed and continues to direct and teach foundational coursework in neuroscience and functional neuroanatomy for students in the health professions and graduate students pursuing masters and doctoral degrees. In 2008, he was recruited to the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences to help implement and administer the undergraduate major in Neuroscience. White teaches a popular laboratory course for undergraduate students on the “Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain”. In addition, White created a massive open online course, called “Medical Neuroscience”, that has now reached people for all walks of life in nearly every nation. He also helped create the Master of Biomedical Sciences program in the School of Medicine and now serves as Associate Director and neuroscience instructor. He also co-directs the Brain and Society theme of Bass Connections. As a researcher, White studies the complex relationships between the structure of neural circuits and the functional properties they generate. He also studies the application of high-resolution, whole-brain imaging methods that are revealing the detailed structure of gray and white matter. His research work has been published in Nature, Science, and other leading journals; and he is co-author and co-editor of a leading textbook in the field (Neuroscience) and a digital atlas of the human central nervous system (Sylvius).


Past ADUTA honorees

2017-18: Karin Shapiro (African and African-American Studies Department)
2016-17: Thomas Nechyba (Economics)
2015-16: Elizabeth Bucholz (Biomedical Engineering)
2014-15: Edward J. Balleisen (History and Public Policy)
2013-14: Lewis D. Blake (Mathematics)
2012-13: Mohamed A. Noor (Biology)
2011-12: Daniele Armaleo Ph.D.'84 (Biology)
2010-11: Anthony Kelley '87, A.M.'90 (Music)
2009-10: Thomas J. Ferraro (English)
2008-09: Mbaye Lo (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)
2007-08: Henri P. Gavin (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
2006-07: Jerry Reiter '92 (Statistics and Decision Sciences)
2005-06: Seymour Mauskopf Ph.D., P'97 (Sy) (History)
2004-05: Connel Fullenkamp (Economics)
2003-04: Parviz Ghadimi Ph.D.'94 (Mathematics)
2002-03: Carol A. Flath (Slavic Languages)
2001-02: Ava Vinesett (Dance Program)
2000-01: Peter A. Feaver (Political Science)
1999-00: Kathy Rudy (Women's Studies)
1998-99: Gillian Einstein (Neurobiology)
1997-98: David W. Johnson (Economics)
1996-97: Melissa Malouf (English)
1995-96: John G. Younger (Classical Studies)
1994-95: Ole R. Holsti P'89 (Political Science)
1993-94: Bruce Kohorn (Botany)
1992-93: Claudia Koonz (History)
1991-92: Hugh C. Crenshaw Ph.D.89 (Zoology)
1990-91: Sharon S. Grimes A.M.'79, Ph.D.'86 (History)
1989-90: Dale B. Martin (Religion)
1988-89: Irving B. Holley (History)
1987-88: Kristen B. Neuschel (History)
1986-87: Jing Wang (Asian and African Languages)
1985-86: Sydney Nathans (History)
1984-85: Caroline Bruzelius (Art)
1983-84: David L. Paletz (Political Science)
1982-83: Bruce Payne (Policy Sciences)
1981-82: Pauline Gratz (Human Ecology, Nursing)
1980-81: Ronald G. Witt (History)
1979-80: Awards were not given
1978-79: Ralph Braibanti '67, Barney Jones, Jr. '41, Ph.D.'58, Joseph Lipscomb
1977-78: Awards were not given
1976-77: James W. Kalat '68, Jean A. Scott, Richard A. White P'97
1975-76: Terry W. Johnson, Jr., Charles W. Bergquist, Alice E. Dietz
1974-75: R. Bruce Nicklas, Pauline Gratz, Richey A. Novak
1973-74: James Applewhite, David Black, Janet Gelein M.S.N.'70
1972-73: A. Leigh DeNeef, Charlotte V. Brown, William Chafe
1971-72: Moo-Young Han, William O'Barr, William P. Yohe
1970-71: Pelham Wilder, Jr. P'73, '83, GP'05, Wallace Fowlie, Harold T. Parker '26