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I'm looking for an alum in the industry industry.

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What can I do with a(n) program/major degree?

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Networking Do's & Don'ts

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Checklist for landing a job

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Checklist for landing a job

  • Define what you are looking for: Write down the skills you like to use, the work environment you prefer and the type of work you'd like to do.
  • Do Your Homework: Research the companies you have your eye on and find out everything you can about their history and mission
  • Identify Duke alumni who work where you want to work: Use to search for alumni by company.
  • Prepare your questions: Relate them to the skills, company culture, projects, etc. you identified in the first step.
  • Reach out: Use the messaging tool by logging onto Introduce yourself briefly (noting that you are a Duke student) and ask if the alum would have time to answer a few questions.
  • Learn from alumni: Don't ask for a job immediately. Ask about their career journey. You're trying to build a relationship first. Ask: "Based on what you know about me, who else do you think I should talk to?"
  • Send a message of thanks: Within 24 hours, thank the alum for taking time to chat and indicate you are interested in learning about jobs as they become available.
  • Follow up & don't give up: Keep up the relationship with alumni who have been helpful to you. Sometimes timing is everything. If you're not making progress, expand your search. The job search takes both patience and determination.
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What's the culture like
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I need advice on housing in city .

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