Article: Teammates from the Field to Wall Street

In this piece, former Duke soccer players Callie Simpkins '13 and Libby Jandl '13 share about their experiences balancing summer finance internships and training for their senior season. The close friends are now colleagues at RBC Capital Markets and support younger players who pursue careers in New York.

Rasiel Offering Online Personal Finance Course to High Schoolers this Spring

After the success of her online course Irrational Behavior in Financial Decision-Making this fall, DFE Teaching Director and Eads Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Economics Emma Rasiel will offer another online course to 9th-12th graders in spring 2021. The focus of the course will be personal finance, and it will run from April 12 to May 5. Students will spend two hours per week in live Zoom sessions with Professor Rasiel and 2 hours per week on asynchronous study materials, including problems and games to reinforce the lessons learned.

Students Find Silver Linings in Virtual Internship Experiences

This summer, senior Rachel Helman’s workdays started at 5 a.m. on her family’s farm in Oregon. One could assume her work involved tending to animals, plants, or machinery. In truth, until 2 p.m. she sat comfortably in her bedroom-turned-workspace, interacting with colleagues across the country, programming in Python, and doing research on her Bloomberg Terminal. Read more

2019-2020 DFE Leadership Award Winners

DFE has named seniors Karam Katariya and Julia Weidman as the 2019-2020 recipients of the DFE Leadership Award. Each spring, the DFE honors one to three seniors with the award for their initiative in finance-related activities at Duke, dedication to peer mentoring, and contributions to the center. Both Katariya and Weidman will graduate this May with B.S. degrees in economics with a concentration in finance.

Professor Peter Ubel

Q&A: Business, public policy, and medicine professor Peter Ubel on medicine and health care


Peter Ubel is the author of Sick to Debt: How Smarter Markets Lead to Better Care. He’s a professor of business, public policy, and medicine.

Is there a just-right model for health care somewhere?

The United Kingdom has a completely socialized, topdown system that works fairly well. Then there’s Germany, where the system is built on heavily regulated private insurance, and it meets their needs pretty well. There are lots of ways to get it right, though no system is perfect. The U.S. has found lots of ways to get it wrong.

Duke Houston Women's Forum

The Duke Houston Women's Forum collaborated with the Fuqua School of Business for a Table for Six (TF6) focused on women in leadership. The speakers included experts from a variety of industries and functions such as finance, marketing and brand management, architectural building planning, and entrepreneurship. 

Forever Duke Q&A with Brooks Bell


Brooks Bell’s analytics firm, Brooks Bell Inc., which she founded in Raleigh in 2003, focuses on testing and optimization for companies such as Adobe, American Eagle Outfitters, American Express, AOL, and Brooks Brothers and is the first agency to focus exclusively on digital experimentation. Bell, who majored in psychology at Duke, also cofounded ThinkHouse and HQ Raleigh, two residential entrepreneurial communities in Raleigh that support the growing startup ecosystem.

What do you love the most about the testing/optimization world?