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Fuqua’s thought leaders now share their expertise directly with you, in a series of live conversations focused on business in the context of current events. In this series one of the school’s experts will be offering insights on a relevant topic in a half-hour live session – including answering your questions – on Fuqua's LinkedIn page. Discussions happen the first Wednesday of each month at 12:30 p.m.

Illustration of Titi Shodiya and Zakaiya Whatley who host the Dope Labs podcast

Meet the Duke Ph.D.s on a mission to make science more accessible


When Titi Shodiya and Zakiya Whatley launched the science podcast Dope Labs, they started not by talking about science, but instead by telling the story of their friendship.

“Zakiya and I met in grad school,” Shodiya Ph.D. ’15, a materials scientist and engineer, told listeners. “It was a tough time, to say the least. And in our pursuit to get the hell out of there, we became cousins. You know how Black folks do. She’s my play cousin.”

Recently published books by alumni



Theodore D. Segal ’77, a lawyer, Center for Documentary Studies board member, and author of Point of Reckoning: The Fight for Racial Justice at Duke University (Duke University Press), about his deep dive into the university’s history.

On finishing a project that started as a master’s thesis, after a forty-year pause

Antonello Silverini illustration of a butcher and a bull

Uncovering the secrets of the bovine trials


The defendant’s name was Mr. Scrub Bull. He entered Magistrate James McElroy Jameson’s makeshift courtroom in Pickens County, South Carolina, walking on four legs and escorted by rural and town policemen. There he stood, surely bewildered, as a court officer read the bill of indictments.