Health and Fitness

2022 Summer Discovery Program

We were excited to host 18 students on campus and 70+ students on Zoom last week for our Summer Discovery Program- thank you to all of our mentors for part

Duke marine-mammal biologists use dolphins to explain stubborn blubber


How much energy does a dolphin burn in a day?

Not only what’s the caloric cost, but can a dolphin afford to forever be dodging boats? That’s so much effort. And how many burned calories keep a mammal warm in cold seawater? How much lost biomass—that’s sea life in this context— is too much before a dolphin can’t get enough to eat?

How do you even measure that, anyway?

You go where you know there are dolphins, and you ask them nicely.

How to turn a Duke English degree into a surfing career


At Duke University, surfing is not a career. Period.

Nor should it be. On the surface, it makes no sense. Blame geography. Durham overflows with charm, intelligence, and ambition, but shrivels raisin-dry when it comes to opportunities associated with riding open-ocean swells. If I wanted to ascend the ranks at Goldman Sachs, steer the ship at Apple, or direct policy in the White House, Duke offers a time-tested launchpad. If I hoped to make a meaningful contribution to the eccentric tapestry of surf culture, I’d be best served combing the California coast.

Duke Peloton Ride 9/13!

Calling all Peloton fans... A Duke Peloton group has been started by Miami's Jessica Erenbaum. Their first ride is Sunday, September 13th at 7:30 AM PT. It will feature a song that all Duke fans will love! If you want email notifications of this ride and future rides, please send your email address to Jessica at You can also request to join the Duke Peloton Facebook page.

SoCal DWF 2nd Annual Health and Wellness Morning

On January 19, 2020, the SoCal Women's Forum held a half-day dedicated to women’s health and wellness, with expert Duke alumnae professionals leading discussions on topics including maternal health, mental health, and art therapy.

SoCal DWF South Bay Hike

On May 18th, Duke women gathered for a hike in the south bay. The event was designed to help attendees rejuvenate their mind and body. 

Houston DWF Health Eating Event

On April 16, 2019, alumnae in Houston learned about quick and easy ways to make small changes to their nutrition that will lead to a large impact on their health and energy level.