Health and Fitness

SoCal DWF Health and Wellness Morning

On January 26, 2019, the SoCal DWF put on a half day dedicated to women’s health and wellness. During the day, expert Duke alumnae and parent professionals lead small group discussions on topics such as nutrition, mental health, physical therapy, and women’s health.  They also enjoyed a group yoga practice and meditation, as well as healthy snacks.

SoCal Women's Forum Hike

On November 4, 2018, Duke alumnae in the LA area met to hike the West Griffith Observatory Trail at Griffith Park. 

Cardio party

Duke Houston alumnae attend a cardio party on a bike at Soul Cycle Memorial. 

Contagious Yawning


The old saying goes, “Yawns are contagious,” but have you considered the biology behind it? While previous studies have suggested a connection between contagious yawning and empathy, new research from the Duke Center for Human Genome Variation finds that contagious yawning may decrease with age and is not strongly related to variables like empathy, tiredness, and energy levels. The study, published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, is the most comprehensive look at factors influencing contagious yawning to date.