Special Guests

Oscar Dantzler

Change Agents


They are the Perennials. Not a silky smooth doo-wop group, but the longtime employees who keep Duke running. Year after year they pick up the trash, help with IT problems, make sure club sports are run properly, set schedules for department heads, work the switchboard. Like mid-level workers everywhere, they are the people who keep the wheels turning and the engine running smoothly. Some have been around since Terry Sanford was university president. All have seen the changes Duke has undergone over the years.

Regal: Princess Irene, second from right, in front of Duke Chapel with a Duke-Durham contingent that included Mary Semans, second from left. [Duke University Archives]

Royal Treatment


With an architectural style reminiscent of European castles, Duke’s West Campus looks like a place where you might find a princess. And on a Sunday in January 1967, it was.