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A poem about freedom: Anthem for you


I understand that

on some days you will nurse lonely

you will argue with mirror

swallowing distorted images

telling yourself that you are not this kind of ugly

you will select colors that say “available”

and draw on a face that will make you believe

that the last one who doubted your beauty

was both blind and stupid

I fear that in those moments

you will forget

in the middle of lonely

is one

you are the one

who has overcome insurmountable obstacles

From the desk of Sterly Wilder: One office with one goal—engaging our alumni


Last October 30, Dave Kennedy, then the vice president for alumni affairs and development, unveiled a new structure for the staffs of the Duke Alumni Association and University Development. Historically, both of these organizations have reported to associate vice presidents who in turn reported to the vice president. Now these two offices would be merged into one organization under one new title—DUKE ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT—and one new vision.

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Expert Partner in Nursing (Washington, DC or remote)

Advisory Board is hiring! We're looking for an Expert Partner in Nursing (Washington, DC or remote). If you enjoy presenting, facilitating discussions, and finding new and creative ways to help healthcare executives solve problems, check this job out. You'll work closely with healthcare leaders across the industry as a strategic partner and subject matter expert.

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Knowable - Sales Training and Content Manager

Passing along from Knowable Head of Business Development 

Please feel free to circulate with your lists and if anyone is interested or you would recommend someone please feel free to have them reach out to me in addition to applying. I’d be happy to help anyone you all refer for the job.


Who We Are (Knowable):