Bin Yin - AM'12, PHD'16

Bin works with creative and inquiring minds who want to build up their career based on their own strengths and dreams. He helps clients clearly define needs and works with them to provide guidance to solve problems.

Karen Shapiro '88

Karen’s goal as a coach is to help her clients rise to new heights, with a renewed sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Whether it be a career or life related goal (or both), Karen supports clients to navigate hurdles and be their best, most authentic self. She is a certified coach and lawyer. She coaches primarily by phone.

Hillary Schubach '93

Hillary helps clients gain acceptance to MBA schools by providing inspiration and advice to better market themselves to the schools of their choice.

Paul Bernard MA'75

Paul Bernard is an executive coach, recruiter, and small business consultant with more than 25 years of experience. He is the founder and principal of Paul Bernard & Associates, an executive coaching and management consulting firm. His unique services have helped thousands of executives find jobs and advance their careers after landing a position. Paul holds an M.A. from Duke University and has provided his services to 500+ Duke alums. Paul offers Duke alums a 30% discount on the initial appointment and a 15% discount on all subsequent appointments. Further information about Paul and his services can be found on his site: