New York

Morgan Beard

Morgan helps clients overcome anxiety, depression, burnout, career stagnation, and self-doubt to create lives they are excited to live. She brings her personal and clinical experience, energy, enthusiasm, nurturing, patience and insight into every session. Whether it’s engaging in open conversation, creating a step-by-step plan, making art or tuning into the body, she intuitively combines the tools she's used over and over to help you overcome emotional and psychological blocks, illuminate the path to where you want to go and provide the right amount of support along the way to foster independence and self-actualization.

Lauren Moses '02

Lauren’s goal is to strengthen a client's awareness of his/her inner resources and to support her client in achieving greater professional fulfillment. She loves to celebrate clients' progress toward their dreams.

Paula Weiner MBA'85

Paula’s expertise is working with individuals throughout career transition. She supports her clients in career strategy, search strategy, interviewing skills, compensation negotiation, assessing opportunities, and reference checking.

John Marth '59

John’s expertise is recruiting and placing professionals across functional disciplines and industries.  He guides his clients through the job search process, prepares clients for job interviews and assists with networking and mentorships. John volunteers his services and there is no charge to Duke Alumni.

Paul Bernard MA'75

Paul Bernard is an executive coach, recruiter, and small business consultant with more than 25 years of experience. He is the founder and principal of Paul Bernard & Associates, an executive coaching and management consulting firm. His unique services have helped thousands of executives find jobs and advance their careers after landing a position. Paul holds an M.A. from Duke University and has provided his services to 500+ Duke alums. Paul offers Duke alums a 30% discount on the initial appointment and a 15% discount on all subsequent appointments. Further information about Paul and his services can be found on his site: