Belugas & Bears: Sentinels of the New Arctic

Date: Wed, August 3, 2022 - Tue, August 9, 2022

Trip Status: Taking Reservations

Price: $6,795 in double accommodations

Activity Level: Moderate

Region: North America

Arrangements: Orbridge

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Head north and discover the beauty and wildness of Churchill, Manitoba in the height of the boreal summer. This small town on the banks of the Hudson Bay is known for polar bears roaming along its shoreline before they return to the pack ice in winter. In summer, polar bears share the area with more than 60,000 beluga whales that come to feed, mate, and give birth in the shallow waters of the estuary - as well as a wide variety of other wildlife. These iconic species are contending with a rapidly changing Arctic ecosystem. These changes present polar bears, belugas and humans with both challenges and opportunities. Come and learn about these iconic sentinels of an Arctic in flux—an opportunity that can only be found in northern Canada—and meet the local people who call it home. Pioneering spirits and welcoming smiles are waiting for you. Highlights include:

  • Travel with and enjoy lectures from renowned researchers and scholars at Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment.
  • Begin in Winnipeg with a private reception and private evening guided tour of the Manitoba Museum.
  • In Churchill, stay at the iconic Lazy Bear Lodge, hand-built by local pioneer Wally Daudrich from stone and reclaimed boreal forest timbers.
  • Embark upon two separate water tours of Hudson Bay to see and photograph many of the 60,000 beluga whales that inhabit the area. Keep an eye out for polar bears, caribou, seals, and a multitude of bird species found along the shore.
  • Aboard the Arctic Crawler, venture out onto stark and beautiful landscapes, stopping to enjoy the scenery as you search for arctic hare, snowy owl, ptarmigan, or arctic fox.
  • Visit Churchill’s Itsanitaq Museum for an exploration of indigenous ways of life while viewing remarkable examples of Inuit craftsmanship.
  • Meet an energetic team of sled dogs and their experienced handler, then climb into a dog cart for your own exciting ride.

Reservations and Information

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Duke Leaders

Dr. Andy Read

Stephen A. Toth Professor of Marine Biology, MSC Division Chair, and Director, Duke University Marine Lab

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