Duke University has adopted new policies for events. Read more about the DAA events that will be impacted.
Duke University has adopted new policies for events. Read more about the DAA events that will be impacted.

A Connoisseur’s Mexico

Art, Architectural & Culinary Treasures of Mexico City & Oaxaca

Date: Fri, March 6, 2020 - Fri, March 13, 2020

Trip Status: Canceled due to low enrollment

Price: From $3,995

Activity Level: Moderate

Region: North America

Arrangements: International Semina & Design, Inc.

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Explore Mexico City and Oaxaca, two remarkable cities and world-renowned repositories of art and architectural treasures that span the centuries. Scattered throughout Mexico City’s urban core are oases of beauty, from the colorful, dynamic murals that adorn dozens of public buildings to the artful domestic ambience of the homes of Frida Kahlo and Dolores Olmedo. Playful forms, graceful decorations, and bright colors seem to be everywhere in Oaxaca, considered by many to be Mexico’s most beautiful colonial city. Oaxaca is a center of artists, artisans, and carvers – where every opportunity to beautify seems to be cheerfully embraced. The delightful charm of Oaxaca’s colonial center is complemented by the serene beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys, with countless nearby villages home to proud indigenous populations with unique crafts and traditions. Great architecture also abounds, from Mexico City’s modernist masterpieces and sparkling new museums by famous international architects to the soaring pyramids of Monte Albán and the majestic ruins of Mitla outside Oaxaca. Throughout the tour, meet artisans and artists in their homes and workshops, experience both cities’ thriving contemporary art scenes, and enjoy delicious meals at top restaurants. This seven-night tour is a joyous and unforgettable celebration of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.

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