Cuba & Its People

Date: Fri, December 8, 2023 - Fri, December 15, 2023

Trip Status: Waitlist Only

Price: From $5,395

Activity Level: Moderate

Region: Central America & the Caribbean

Arrangements: Alumni Holidays International

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Timeworn facades splashed with vibrant art, classic cars and rumba beats drifting down cobblestones. Get ready for an unforgettable immersion into Cuba's fascinating history and vivacious culture. Explore the many rich influences of Afro-Cuban heritage in historical or cultural elements emanating from the combination of native African and other cultural elements and manifested in religion, music, language, art, religion, and the arts. Go beyond Havana's striking grandeur to discover the heart of the local people and gain perspective on Cuba's ever-changing landscape. Meet local experts who share their profound insights and connections to their country. During intimate educational exchanges, experience life through the eyes of community leaders, business owners and farmers and learn how dancers and artists express their passions. This exclusive program is developed by AHI Travel and is operated in accordance with a Support for the Cuban People general license.

Reservations and Information

To reserve, complete a registration form in the brochure and mail to Duke Travels, Box 90572, Durham, NC 27708, or call (919) 684-2988 to reserve conveniently over the phone and let us know you are mailing your reservation form to hold your space.

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Duke Leaders

Dr. Karin Shapiro

Associate Professor of the Practice in the Department of African and African American Studies

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