Journey to Antarctica

The White Continent

Date: Tue, January 16, 2024 - Mon, January 29, 2024

Trip Status: Taking Reservations

Price: from $15,840

Activity Level: Active

Region: Arctic & Antarctic

Arrangements: Lindblad Expeditions

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Remote. Untrammeled. Spectacular. Antarctica is one of the most exhilarating adventures on Earth. Every facet is thrilling and lovely. Its vastness is both humbling and uplifting, as is the ice in all its myriad forms. Relish the penguins—with their endlessly amusing antics, gabbling in their rookeries, bobbing by on a blue berg, or catapulting on to the shore. 
See mountains rising some 9,000 feet up from the sea and an abundance of marine mammals. Hike and explore by Zodiac. Travel with an expedition leader and naturalists who have hundreds of journeys under their parkas.
A National Geographic photographer will give talks and one-on-one photo tips in the field, and an undersea specialist captures rarely seen footage of life beneath the icy surface for viewing in the comfort of the ship’s lounge.

Antarctica may be at the end of the Earth, but Lindblad has been bringing guests here for decades— safely sharing all the wonders of this vast land and sea. Join us to experience the thrill of crunching through the sea ice aboard our fleet of three state-of-the-art expedition ships to see scores of penguins and whales. People come for the wildlife but fall in love with the ice: an entire museum of colossal and magical ice forms defying description. And you’ll get a front seat to the dashing history of the Heroic Age of Exploration. Armed with a flexible itinerary that allows us to go where conditions are best and wildlife is most active, you will experience all the splendor of Antarctica. 

  • Explore the world’s last great wilderness in the company of a team of top naturalists celebrating Lindblad’s 50-plus years of expedition heritage
  • Hike on magnificent mountains and see huge glaciers, plus observe thousands of penguins: gentoos, Adelie, and chinstrap
  • Kayak in protected waters, paddling as penguins swim nearby
  • Zodiac cruise in ice-packed channels and land on distant shores to explore on foot

Reservations and Information

To reserve, complete a registration form in the brochure and mail to Duke Travels, Box 90572, Durham, NC 27708, or call (919) 684-2988 to reserve conveniently over the phone and let us know you are mailing your reservation form to hold your space.

To learn more about our travel program or any of our upcoming trips, please contact us at or 919-684-2988

Duke Leaders

Dr. Andrew Read

Stephen A. Toth Professor of Marine Biology; Chair, Marine Science & Conservation Division, and Director, Duke Marine Lab

Mode of Travel

Ocean Cruise

map showing route of mode of travel