Honoring service to Duke and beyond

Each year, we honor a handful of individuals who embody the spirit of Forever Duke and advance the Duke ideal of knowledge in service to society. These awards give us the opportunity to showcase a few of the extraordinary members of the Duke family and say thanks for their effort and dedication to Duke. Many Duke Alumni awards are presented during Homecoming weekend each year, except for the Distinguished Alumni Award and Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award presented at the annual Founders’ Day convocation.


Distinguished Alumni Award

Established in 1983 by the Duke Alumni Board of Directors, the Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest award we present. It is awarded to alumni who have distinguished themselves by the contributions they have made in their own particular fields or professions, in service to Duke University and to the betterment of humanity.

2023 Recipient:

Cynthia Lynette Hale M. Div.'79

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Charles A. Dukes Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

This award recognizes alumni volunteers who serve in Duke leadership roles and have devoted themselves to extraordinary, long-term efforts that help Duke further its mission.

2023 Recipients:

Linda Dianne Alexander ’80
Sheree Faith Cooper-Levy ’89, P’18, P’21
Robert P. Drucker M.D.’79, HS’87, P’19
Joseph Porter Durham, Jr. ’83, J.D.’85, P’17
Gerard T. Sansosti P’15, P’19, P’20, P’21, P’24
Paula S. Sansosti P’15, P’19, P’20, P’21, P’24

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Beyond Duke Service and Leadership Award

This award was inaugurated in 2014 to recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves through service to their community, their country or to society at large. Awards are given in three categories: Young Alumni, Local Community and Global Community.

2023 Recipients:

Barbara Baroff Kavanagh ’61, P’89
Shane Courtney Battier ’01
Rebecca Brooks Bell ’02
Jean Faulkner Beasley ’58
Shavar Dakel Jeffries ’96, P'27
William M. Johnstone Jr. ’79

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Forever Duke Award

Presented for the first time in 2009, this award recognizes alumni for excellent recent volunteer service to Duke, Duke Alumni, and other alumni groups.

2023 Recipients:

Individual Awardees:

Priya Mona Achaibar B.S.E.’15
Danielle Alexis Brown ’04
Michelle Park Chiu J.D./LL.M.’06
Chidi Ervin Erike M.B.A.’12
Holly Morris Espy B.S.E.’93
Karen Gottlieb ’89, P’25
Boris Lau ’12
Ian Li B.S.E. ’11
John George Marth ’59
Kathleen Allen Olin ’93
Alexander William Osmond IV ’09
Amy Austin Petersen B.S.M.E.’84
Steve Craig Rosner B.S.E.E.’83, P’18
Tasala Rufai ’05, D.P.T.’12
Stephen E. Schwartz ’70, P’15
Michael T. Sola D.P.T.’18
Steve R. Steinhilber ’76, P’12, P’15
Robert Tai B.S.E.’03
Dawn Taylor ’89
Renee L. Thorne ’99

Group Awardees:    

Group 1: Duke Medicine Class of 1997, 25th Reunion Class
Jamy Darone Ard M.D.’97, HS’01
Kelly J. Butnor M.D.’97, HS’02
Todd C. Brady Ph.D.’98, M.D.’99, P’26
Ranee Chatterjee Montgomery M.D.’97, P’24
Dwight Julius McFadden III M.D.’97
Shannon Denise Norris ’93 M.D.’97

Group 2: Duke Camp for the Class of 1990
Nicole Field Brzeski ’90, P’26
Dan Feldstein ’90, P’25

Group 3: Duke NY Advanced Job Networking Group Leadership
Robert Harris Bier ’90, P’23
Gerard E. Raho M.B.A.’86
Joseph Gary Stevens ’89

Group 4: Duke DC DEI Action Plan
Bryant Christopher Harris ’05
Serena Agaba Rwejuna J.D.’13
Anne Berry Schell ’06
Kyle White ’07

Group 5: Engineering Alumni Council
Tracy Anne Nickelsburg B.S.E.’88, P’22, P’25
William Benjamin Senner B.S.E.’06, M.Eng.M.’06

Group 6: Duke Parents’ Facebook Page
Dana P. Dudley P’17
Penny J. Fleming P’09, P’12
Beth Sheryl Gabay P'16, P'19, P’19

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Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award

Sponsored by Duke Alumni Engagement and Development for more than three decades, this student-selected award honors a Duke professor who has excelled as a teacher, advisor and leader of undergraduate students.

Sandra Valnes Quammen A.M. '06 2022-2023 Recipient: Sandra Valnes Quammen A.M. '06, Senior Lecturer in Romance Studies and the director of the French Language Program

Sandra Valnes Quammen is a Senior Lecturer in Romance Studies and the director of the French Language Program. She teaches beginning to advanced French language courses, with a particular focus on introductory and intermediate levels. Her current research focuses on the intersections of sustainability and language teaching and learning, and on multilingualism and foreign language education. With colleagues in the French Language Program, she is engaged in work that explores French language pedagogy through sustainability and equity lenses; and in collaboration with Liliana Paredes, she researches multilingual and translanguaging pedagogies and the fostering of student multilingual identities and communities of practice.

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Forever Duke Student Leadership Award

The Forever Duke Student Leadership award is a new award recognizing students who embody the “Forever Duke” spirit in their service to the university.

2024 Forever Duke Student Leadership Award Winners:

Lily Annenberg ’24
Layla Arty ’24
Danica Bajaj ’25
Navya Belavadi ’24
Leah Benn Miller B.D.’24
Nicholas Biondo B.S.N’24
Joshua Crittenden A.M.’23
Julia Davis ’24
Anna Demelo B.S.E.’24
Nathan Drapela A.M.’24
Catherine Ehrhart M.D.’24
Brittany Forniotis A.M.’24
Brittany Gabriel M.P.P.’24
Casey Goldstein ’24
Bonnie Hepler B.S.N.’24
Aden Klein M.P.P.’24
Advika Kumar ’24
Neelan Kumar ’24
Jessica Lalonde A.M.’24
Elyse McFalls ’24
Jessica On ’24
SaeHim Park A.M.’24
Jack Parker B.S.E.’24
Meredith Schmehl A.M.’24
Robert Sprung ’24
Jessica Sue-Kam-Ling Lewis ’24
Jonathan Van Dongen M.B.A.’24
Cat Xia ’24
Marilyn Yamamoto M.D.’24
Finnie Zhao ’24

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The Graduate School Few-Glasson Alumni Society

The Few-Glasson Alumni Society, created in 2016, honors Duke graduates who have distinguished themselves through their career accomplishments, the potential of their current endeavors, or their support of graduate education and students at Duke.

Candidates for the society are nominated by members of the Duke community. The society is named for the first president of Duke University—William Preston Few—and William Henry Glasson, the first dean of The Graduate School.

2023 Few-Glasson Alumni Inductees:

Howard Conyers M.S. ’06, Ph.D ‘09
Bogdan Epureanu Ph.D ‘99
Kristian Lum M.S. ’08, Ph.D ‘10

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