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DEMAN Weekend

November 1-2, 2019

Join us in Durham for DEMAN Weekend (Duke Entertainment, Media and Arts Network). Connect with students and fellow creative industry alumni from across the country to celebrate a decade of DEMAN. Let us know you're interested in coming here

Regional Events

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Duke Chicago, DEMAN

A Celebration of Duke Chicago: Focus on the Arts

August 22, 2019

Chicago alumni, family and friends are invited to join Duke Alumni for a special multi-faceted evening at the Chicago History Museum. Experience Chicago: Crossroads of America, hear stories from a panel of local alumni pursuing boundary-breaking careers in the arts and spend a summer evening reveling with the your Duke Chicago community.

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Enjoy all the exciting benefits available exclusively for Duke alumni.

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Duke Will

Read more about President Price's new strategic framework for the university.

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Use Duke networks and career advisors to boost your course.

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