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Vanquishing Viruses: Developing Vaccines against Infections

FLI: Fortifying the Body and Brain - Vanquishing Viruses, Developing Vaccines against Infections

Dec 06 2022, 3:00pm EST

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a new urgency to our need for more effective vaccines. Duke Human Vaccine Institute is working on mastering genetics, spread, and mutations of viruses and other microbial agents. Learn more about their research and how it leads toward vaccines that can protect us from these unwelcome guests before they can harm us.

Underrepresented Voices

FLI: Policing Pages - Underrepresented Voices

Dec 14 2022, 7:00pm EST

According to the American Library Association, the number of requested book bans doubled from 2020 to 2021 with 1,597 contested titles on the list. The likely suspects from our previous sessions continue to be challenged, but also on the list – a disproportionately large number of books penned by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ authors. In this session, we will explore the writers' and protagonists' perspectives, and why many people feel the need silence those voices.

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