Undergraduate alumni will return to campus for a special celebration April 14-16.

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Forever Learning Institute, What is Love?

FLI: Big Questions - What is Love?

Apr 14 2023, 2:00pm EDT

Lennon and McCartney argued that it’s all you need. Theologians list four distinct types of love, and Greek philosophers counted seven. They all would likely agree that love is among life’s greatest pleasures—and a human need right behind food, clothing and shelter. Open your heart and mind as we explore our most-pursued positive emotional state.

Forever Learning Institute, Economy of Climate Change

FLI: Climate Changemakers - Economy of Climate Change

Apr 18 2023, 7:00pm EDT

Does climate change affect our economy? Many regard it as tied strictly to environmental impacts, but climate change also influences economic structures. Projected increases in extreme weather events are expected to affect overall economic productivity, business investment, and specific sectors, such as housing and transportation. Nearly one-third of U.S.

Forever Learning Institute, Policies of Climate Change

FLI: Climate Changemakers - Policies of Climate Change

May 02 2023, 3:00pm EDT

Climate activists in the 1970s called for more effective political action on global warming and other environmental abnormalities, beginning the transition of climate change from exclusively a scientific issue to a political one. Since then, global policy has focused on cooperation and the establishment of guidelines with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a largely accepted international agreement.

Forever Learning Institute, What is Real?

FLI: Big Questions - What is Real?

May 04 2023, 12:00pm EDT

Much of human history involves our endless attempts to describe, change, warp or avoid reality. Technology has given us a new angle with the rise of virtual reality. Ontology, the study of being, is so deep and wide as to flummox the finest minds. Let’s get metaphysical together as we do our best to get real with ourselves.



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