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Stay sharp with the spring 2023 curriculum from the Forever Learning Institute! Follow one of our thematic tracks or drop into classes that interest you. There’s no need to commit entirely — participate as much or as little as you like via our live events. And, if you missed them, catch up on all previous FLI events on our YouTube page.

Climate Changemakers

Climate Change Makers

The science is clear: Climate change is a problem for our world on multiple levels, and the continued rise of global warming matters. The United Nations reports that thousands of scientists and government reviewers agree that limiting global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C (2.7°F) would help us avoid the worst impacts and maintain a livable climate. What can be done to reach this goal? Duke is uniting its education, research, operations, and public service missions to engage our entire community in the relentless pursuit of climate change solutions in four key areas: energy transformation, climate and community resilience, environmental and climate justice, and data-driven climate solutions. Inspired by Duke's Climate Commitment, join fellow alumni as we learn about the collective concerns caused by climate change and take up Duke's quest to be climate change makers.

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Big Questions

Big Questions theme

Generations of philosophers, poets and guitar-strumming singers have pondered them extensively—now it's your turn. Join us as we fully immerse in the theory and pedagogy behind some of life's biggest and not fully yet answered questions. Duke's Kenan Institute for Ethics provides its considerable expertise to help us explore how different academic disciplines address these questions. Come away with a better sense of how our understanding and experiences create our personal answers to these big questions, driving our decisions and lives.

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In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

If you were unable to attend sessions from our previous tracks, we have made them all available to view at your convenience. Dig into courses on the Human ExperienceSocial MovementsAmerica TodayAdvancing Health and WellnessArtificial IntelligenceSolving Wicked Problems, and our professional development seminars.

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Each academic track includes a combination of lectures, panel discussions, online courses, recommended readings and workshops that you can complete at your own pace. Plus, tune in for monthly live engagements to get your questions answered by Duke experts and have engaging, thought-provoking conversations with fellow alumni. Live sessions of all academic events are recorded and will be posted on the Duke Alumni Lifelong Learning YouTube Channel.

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