• June 2, 2016
    When she’s not fencing, she’s so charming; when she’s not fencing, she’s so lovable; when she’s not fencing, she’s so adorable,” Peter Westbrook says of Ibtihaj Muhammad ’07. “When she’s fencing, she’s like a lion. Like a lion. I like to deal with the other side better.”
  • July 28, 2015
    "It’s super sexy,” Roger said, as he unsnapped the black nylon smock from the back of my neck and pulled it away from me, clumps of black fuzz falling from my lap to the floor. “You carry it.” Just minutes earlier, his clippers glided slowly over the curve of my head, the electronic hum deepening as they entered the brush. “You hear that?” he said. “That’s because of how dense your hair is.” I laughed.
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