Alumni Endowed Undergraduate Scholar

WHOMax Kramer

WHAT: Duke Alumni Association’s newest Alumni Endowed Undergraduate Scholar

HOMETOWN: Tampa, Florida

DUKE CONNECTIONS: Mother, Gerri Reid Kramer ’87

WHY DUKE?: “I felt it was the best fit for me from many different standpoints. Obviously, the academics are top-notch and the social life is rich and varied, but above all, Duke gave me the feel of a community of unpretentious intellectualism—people who cared about what they studied in the least superficial, deepest way possible.”

PLANS: Participate in the Focus Program’s “Modeling in Economic and Social Sciences” cluster; probably pursue a major in psychology, although he also is interested in economics and philosophy; and play club tennis, study abroad, and participate in political and cultural groups on campus.

QUOTE: “My life really started at Duke. I had open-heart surgery at Duke Medical Center when I was three weeks old [for a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot]. I expect Duke to remain one of the major influences on my life forever.” 

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