Then & Now: University Theater

1891: Students of Trinity College in Randolph County put on The Womanless Wedding—an appropriate production for the all-male student body.

1922: Female students in the Dramatic Club played all the roles in a production of Monsieur Beaucaire in March 1922. The Dramatic Club was coached by Gladys Gross, wife of chemistry professor Paul Gross.

1951: Hoof ’n’ Horn performed the student-written Belles and Ballots during Joe College Weekend. The following year, the group performed Anything Goes, their first non-student-written production since Hoof ’n’ Horn was founded in 1936.

1959: The Duke Wesley Players produced The Lark, a play about Joan of Arc. The Wesley Players specialized in theological dramatic productions, and included both undergraduate and graduate students.

Happy Birthday, Wanda June, by Kurt Vonnegut, a Duke Players production, included eye-catching costumes.

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