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There’s only one place to find Duke’s more than 175,000 alumni. It’s at

To get started (alumni AND students):

  • Visit
  • Click the green "Register/Sign in" button at the top right. (If you have not logged in before, you will be prompted to create a OneLink account.)
  • Import your LinkedIn profile or start a search


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   Connect with alumni to help you with your next steps.
    Sort your searches based on industry, class year, degree, location and more


   Find and register for events near you or on campus


   Join a community group based on your industry, interests and class year


   Share life and career updates by submitting a class note


   Update your profile easily with a LinkedIn import so alumni and students can find you



A resource for students, too

During the search for his first internship, sophomore Kevin Ma hit a dead end. He had started off by going to career fairs, but came home only with swag. He stalked LinkedIn and job sites. He finally found his way to the Duke Alumni Association’s website—and there his career course shifted.

Ma logged onto the DAA alumni network and began searching for alumni in his area. He messaged several dozen—and much to his surprise, nearly everyone messaged him back.

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