Duke Alumni Help Center - FAQs

This page contains help documentation, policies, and procedures for the Duke Alumni website and associated services, including AIMS, the Alumni Directory, Reunions and Events, and more. If you are experiencing an issue or have a question not addressed here, please contact us.


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Membership and Support

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Email the Alumni Affairs team or call us at 919-684-5114.

How do I become a member of DAA?

All alumni are automatically part of the Duke alumni community – NO membership is required. However, by making a voluntary gift to Duke, you can help support alumni programming and services on campus and around the world. To read more or to make a gift, see our Support page.

How do I support alumni programming at Duke?

All alumni are automatically part of the Duke alumni community – no membership is required. However, by making a voluntary gift to Duke, you can help support alumni programming and services on campus and around the world. To read more or to make a gift, see our Support page.

What’s the difference between making a gift to DAA and to the Annual Fund?

We encourage you to support Duke in a variety of ways; however, gifts to Duke Alumni are the only way to support alumni programming and services around the world. To make a donation to Duke Alumni, please visit the Duke Alumni Support webpage and click the "give now" button.

Annual Fund contributions typically support specific academic programs at Duke and do not benefit Duke alumni programming directly. To learn more about the Annual Fund and make a donation, please visit the Duke Annual Fund webpage.

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OneLink Registration/Login

What is Onelink?

Learn more from Duke OIT's OneLink page.

  • OneLink External: You can choose to link your Duke identity to a social account (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Yahoo). Duke will never associate other social account information with your Duke record.
  • OneLink ID: If you prefer to have a separate username and password to sign in to OneLink supported services, you may create a new set of credentials through the OneLink ID process.

Use OneLink to access:

  • Alumni Email Login
  • Alumni Email Setup
  • Alumni Undergraduate Interviewing (AIMS)
  • Choose Duke
  • Duke Alumni Website
  • Duke Online Giving
  • Sakai
  • Transcript and Student Records

Learn more about Onelink here.

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Where is the Alumni Directory/How can I search for an alumnus/a?

To search in the Alumni Directory, click on "Alumni Directory" located at the top right of the DAA homepage . If you are already signed in, this will take you to the search people page where you will see a list of all alumni. If you are not signed in, you will first be prompted to log in with your NetID or OneLink account, and then directed to the search people page.

You can refine your search results by either using the filters on the left side of the search results screen or entering further information in the search bar.

How can I specify what I am searching for?

Our search function captures most of the key biographical fields of our user profiles, this functionality also breaks apart the data and offers up filters or facets of some fields.

Please Note: Press the "search" button after modifying your filter choices.

Current filters you can search by:

  • Deceased - Alumni no longer listed in the typical search results.
  • Contact me about - Users available for advice on several topics
  • Industry - Industry of the user or company for which they currently work
  • Current Employer - Employers that currently have Duke alumni workers
  • Current Job Title - Job titles that Duke Alumni currently list on their profiles
  • Class year - Preferred or graduation year from Duke Schools
  • Regional & Affinity Groups - Community of users based on region or a similar interest e.g. Duke Black Alumni, Duke LGBTQ
  • Degree - Degrees obtained by alumni
  • Majors, Minors, and Programs - Majors/minors, certificates, and programs completed by Duke Alumni at a Duke School
  • School - Listing of Duke Schools
  • City - Cities across the world that contain Duke Alumni
  • State - States or territories across the world that contain Duke Alumni (Washington, DC is best found as "District of Columbia" in this filter)
  • Country - Countries that contain Duke Alumni

Our search function will continually undergo enhancements, so please continue to check back as we make improvements to this feature.

I just want to search by a category

Our search function captures most of the key biographical fields of our alumni profiles, so it often easiest to simply enter the subject you are interested in finding directly into the search bar. However, if you would like to search by one of the filter fields, simply run a search with no name/term in the search bar and select the category(ies) you would like to filter by. This will capture all alumni in our database fitting those categories.

Can students search in the Alumni Directory?

Yes, the Alumni Directory was opened up to students in 2016. Once logged in, a student can search to find alumni who can help expand their knowledge, explore career options, introduce them to contacts, and even help identify job and internship opportunities.

Alumni: You have the choice to be visible to students. From your profile, click on account settings to update your privacy settings.

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Do I need to sign up for my local alumni group?

You are assigned to a regional group based on the mailing address on your profile. You will automatically receive emails and invitations to local events and programs. If you are receiving emails about the wrong region, make sure your address is up-to-date by clicking the text "edit my profile," > "contact information," > "addresses."

You can also email address changes to daa@daa.duke.edu .


  1. Click the text "edit my profile" in the My Actions bar mceclip0.png
  2. Click "about" > "contact information."

What if my region is not listed on the Regional Groups page?

The groups on this website represent all the regions that have established volunteer leaders and organize regular alumni events. Regions that are not listed on this page may not have a large alumni presence.

I am not receiving emails for local events from my regional group.

Make sure you are a member of that regional group. The easiest method to double-check is by going to your profile and clicking the "My Groups" option found in the "My Actions" bar. This will display the groups of which you are a member.

Note: Groups listed under the heading "Hidden Groups" may not be able to send you emails.



If the regional group is there, but you are still not receiving emails , please make sure your email address is correctly listed on your profile and check your spam folders.

To check your addresses:

  1. Click the text "edit my profile" in the My Actions bar mceclip0.png
  2. Click "about" > "contact information."

For further help please email help@daa.duke.edu .

How do I stop receiving e-mails from my regional group?

All emails sent through Duke systems will contain an "unsubscribe" option in their footer.

Leave or hide your name in a group:

To leave the membership of a specific group. The easiest method is to double-check your memberships by going to your profile and clicking the "My Groups" option found in the profile "My Actions" bar. This will display the groups of which you are a member.

You can then visit each group individually and click the option "Hide Me" or the option "Leave Group", depending on the group type. For email communication purposes both choices operate the same.


Update your communication and privacy settings:
You can alter your communications settings by going to "account settings" and then "communications."

If you are still receiving unwanted emails :
Please forward an example email to help@daa.duke.edu for assistance.

What if I am not getting emails from Duke Alumni?

If you are not receiving emails from us, it may be because you clicked on an "Unsubscribe" link at some point in the past. Please contact us at daa@daa.duke.edu and we can check your alumni record to make sure you are getting the communications you want to receive.

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Alumni Profile

How do I update my profile privacy settings?

To change your profile privacy settings, click the "account settings" option on your profile in the My Actions bar.

Why should I complete my profile?

Most Duke alumni find it rewarding to hear from other alumni and students who share their interests. Sometimes those contacts lead to exciting professional opportunities. Having up-to-date profile information ensures that your classmates can find you. It also means that when students or alumni are looking for someone with your expertise, you can connect with them.

Your profile information is also used in other student, alumni, and faculty tools and services such as the alumni directory, school directories, and Ask A Blue Devil: https://askabluedevil.duke.edu

How do I update my mailing and/or email address?

You can update your contact information on your profile by clicking "edit my profile" > "about" > "contact information." You can also email address changes to daa@daa.duke.edu .


  1. Click the text "edit my profile" in the My Actions bar mceclip0.png
  2. Click "about" > "contact information."

How do I remove a spouse/partner or child from my profile?

Thanks for keeping your profile up to date! Its one of the best ways to stay connected with your fellow alumni and make sure that others can stay in touch with you. However, for privacy and security reasons, some information can only be changed by a Duke staff member. Please email your relationship updates and some brief context for our team to help@daa.duke.edu .

There is incorrect information on my profile that I am unable to change

While we believe that your alumni profile is the best means for you to keep your personal information up-to-date in the Duke system, there are certain features that, for privacy and security reasons, can only be changed by a Duke staff member.

Please email a brief explanation along with the correct information to help@daa.duke.edu .

Why can't I edit all of my personal information?

While we believe that your alumni profile is the best means for you to keep your personal information up-to-date in the Duke system, there are certain features that, for privacy and security reasons, can only be changed by a Duke staff member. Please email a brief explanation and updated personal information to help@daa.duke.edu .

Who can search and view alumni profiles?

Only Duke alumni, current students, and a handful of Duke faculty and staff have access to alumni profiles. You have total control over what information is available. There are settings that allow you to hide your profile from students and alumni.

When you are logged in and on your profile, you can access these privacy settings:click the "account settings" option on your profile in the My Actions bar.

How do I restrict what other alumni can see on my profile?

On your profile page , click on the text "account settings" and then "privacy." From there, you can select the information you wish to be visible/not visible to other alumni, staff, and students. If you do not wish to be searchable at all, uncheck all boxes under "my profile visibility."

  1. Click the "account settings" option on your profile in the My Actions bar to see all privacy options.
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Alumni Card

How do I obtain/replace an alumni card?

Physical alumni cards are no longer available as the alumni card is now virtual! Please use any smart device and download the "Duke Alumni" app by going to the App Store or Google Play page. First-time users will need to sign in with a OneLink login.

If you have not created a OneLink login yet, please visit this page to do so.

If you need any assistance, please email us at help@daa.duke.edu .

Do I need a virtual alumni card?

Yes! Many on-campus benefits for alumni, such as Rec Center visits and Duke Stores discounts, require scanning the virtual alumni card. The card also makes it easier for you to register at some alumni events. Learn more about your alumni benefits.

Can I use my virtual card to get a campus gym membership?

Each January 1st, all alumni cards are loaded with five complimentary visits that are good for the calendar year. The number of visits available displayed on the virtual card. Visits do not accrue from one year to the next. If you need more than those five visits, you should consider purchasing a membership. Get more information on campus Rec Center memberships.

Can I use my alumni card to park on campus?

No , the alumni cards are no longer utilized for the alumni parking privileges. However, the alumni parking passes are still available to all alumni.

For details and to gain immediate one-time access , please visit the parking website (you will register as a guest in the upper right-hand corner). Otherwise, allow 48 hours to process and complete this "Night permit" reusable pass form at the bottom of the page.

*Please note: The Parking and Transportation department typically takes over campus parking lots during athletic events and large campus events. In these cases, the alumni parking pass may not work.

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Lifetime Email

How do I obtain an @alumni.duke.edu e-mail address?

First, you will need a OneLink account. Once you have registered with OneLink, visit this webpage and scroll down to the "Get it" box to create your email address. If you need assistance, please email help@daa.duke.edu .

How do I check my alumni e-mail?

There are two Lifetime email settings options: a web-based 365 mailbox and a forwarding email account.

If you have a web-based 365 mailbox , you will need to go to this website to check your inbox and send messages. This version of the Lifetime email account cannot be added to a smartphone app.

If you have a forwarding email account , then all of your Duke emails will go to your personal email address that you selected when you created your Lifetime email address. You will be able to receive mail at your @alumni.duke.edu e-mail address, but you will not be able to respond from this account. Instead, your responses will be sent from your personal email address.

Please email help@daa.duke.edu if you have any questions or if you need to update your forwarding address.

My alumni email account is not forwarding to my primary email address

If you are not receiving any Duke emails to your forwarding address, please email help@daa.duke.edu . If you are receiving some mail to your forwarding address, but not all, please contact the Duke OIT help desk at help@oit.duke.edu or 919-684-2200.

Please keep in mind: If you test your lifetime email address, do so from an account other than your forwarding email address. Some providers (like Gmail) recognize that you are sending an email to yourself and the email will not be delivered.

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Other Benefits

What benefits am I offered as a Duke University alumnus/a?

For a complete list of UPDATED benefits offered to Duke alumni, visit the alumni benefits page .

Exclusive Campus Access

  • Duke Lemur Center: Discounted admission.
  • Nasher Museum of Art: Free museum admission (does not include special ticketed exhibitions).
  • Duke Rec Centers: Five free visits each calendar year to the Wilson or Brodie recreation centers and discounted memberships at Duke Health and Fitness Center and campus recreation centers.
  • Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club and the JB Duke Hotel: Access to a year-round discount and exclusive benefits. Experience attentive service and indulgent accommodations while you visit Duke.

Exclusive Campus Services

  • Park on Campus: Visiting campus? Alumni can request a parking pass and park free on evenings and weekends in select campus lots.
  • Duke Libraries: Borrowing privileges at Perkins and Divinity School libraries, plus access to select online databases.
  • Duke Career Center: Career services for alumni within one year of graduation.

Exceptional Discounts

  • Duke Stores: 20% discount on clothing and gifts in on-campus store (limit one discount per year, regularly priced items only).
  • Cornell Club of New York: Special Duke access to club, memberships, and privileges
  • Career Coaching: It is not always easy to discern the best next step in your career. This group of Duke alumni work as career coaches and offer special rates and services for fellow alums.

Preferred Insurance Providers

  • Meyer & Associates: Specialty insurance programs for alumni and their families include life, health, travel, long-term care, accidental death and special event insurance.

How do I access library databases remotely?

Visit this page to view and access all library databases available to alumni. You will need to login to the site with a OneLink account. Don't have a OneLink account? Please visit this page to create your OneLink login credentials.

How do I stop receiving duplicate copies of Duke Magazine?

In most cases, we can eliminate duplicate copies by connecting alumni records. Please email dukemag@duke.edu with the full names and mailing addresses of each recipient.

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Career Coaching

Staff and Student access to the alumni directory

Access to the Alumni Directory portion of the Duke Alumni website (behind the NetID and OneLink login wall) is granted to Duke faculty, staff, and students.The purpose of providing access to alumni information is to ensure that Duke faculty, staff, and students have access to updated contact information, as well as information on alumni activities and programs.

Faculty/staff access
To request faculty/staff access to the Alumni Directory, please complete the staff access request form . Requests for access are reviewed on a case-by-case, weekly basis. Faculty and staff who apply for access will be notified of their status within 14 days of applying.

The Duke Alumni website and the Alumni Directory, in particular, are not meant to take the place of the functionality provided by DADD/Enquire . Therefore, the following activities are prohibited uses of the faculty and staff access services:

  • Contacting alumni for any purpose other thanDuke University business
  • Verifying Duke academic data

Student access
Students may access the site by first opting into the Alumni Network on Duke Hub. Then, students can go to alumni.duke.edu and sign in to the Alumni Network by clicking the green button in the top right-hand corner and using their NetID credentials. Students may search for Duke alumni with a public profile in the system.

How do I report a problem that I am experiencing?

If you are experiencing an issue with any facet of the Duke Alumni website or any of the services we offer, please submit a ticket to our support team . You can also reach us directly by phone at 919-684-5114 or through our "Chat Now" feature found at the bottom right-hand corner of your browser window while on any page within our site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, as your feedback provides an invaluable resource to our effort to provide the best service possible to the Duke Alumni community.

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Reunions and Events

I was billed more than once after registering for an event

If you were billed more than once for Reunion registration, please contact our Reunions Team at reunions@daa.duke.edu or call us at (919) 684-5114. For all other events, please contact the program that is hosting the event.

Where can I find information on my Duke class reunion?

Visit the Reunions page for general information and links to class-specific pages, schedules, and registration information.

How do I register for my upcoming reunion?

Click here for event information and to register for your Reunion. If you experience any errors or need to update your e-mail address, please contact reunions@daa.duke.edu .

Where can I see a list of upcoming alumni events?

The events menu on the Duke Alumni website lists all current and upcoming events.

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Class Notes

How do I submit a class note?

You can add news about career achievements, promotions, marriages, births/adoptions, or other general updates directly to your profile . Class Notes appear on your profile (under the "My Duke" section), in the activity feeds of your groups, and on the class notes page .

To submit a class note, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your profile and click on "Post a Class Note" in the "My Actions" box.
  2. Select the Class Note type from the drop-down menu.
  3. Type your news in the text box.
  4. If desired, upload a photo and provide a title and a short description.
  5. Last, click "Save."

If you need assistance, please email us at help@daa.duke.edu .

How do I submit a Duke alumni obituary?

We note the passing of Duke alumni with an obituary note on the individual's Alumni Network profile, a Class Note post, and a listing in the Duke Magazine. Please send the individual's full name, address, date of passing, and a copy of their obituary (if available) to help@daa.duke.edu .

Once processed, family members can view the obituary on the Duke Alumni website by going to https://alumni.duke.edu/discover/classnotes .

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What do volunteers do?

Volunteers do many things that help Duke and its communities thrive. Here are just a few examples:

  • Plan regional events and programs for alumni
  • Interview prospective students
  • Organize class reunions
  • Help raise money to support Duke programs
  • Serve on advisory boards and committees
  • Provide expertise and service to specific schools and programs at Duke
For more information or to get involved, see our volunteer page.

How much time do I need to commit?

It is entirely up to you. Many volunteer roles, such as interviewing prospective students or planning events in your region, can be done in as little as a few hoursa month. If you have more time to give, there are many ways to become more deeply involved, such as leading an alumni interviewing committee or organizing an affinity group. Check out our volunteer page to explore the options and find whats right for you.

How do I get involved?

You can start by exploring opportunities on our volunteer portal . Another good way to get involved is to talk to volunteers or Duke staff members at events in your area or on campus. They can help you learn more about what is needed and what opportunities match your interests. You can also contact help@daa.duke.edu and we will help connect you with the right people.

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