Virtual PopUP: Responding to the Moment with Aisha Turner '09

How do you launch and produce a current affairs podcast in 2020… you adapt. A lot. Join us on Friday to hear from Aisha Turner ’09 of NBC News/MSNBC’s podcast Into America, and formerly of StoryCorps, WUWM – Milwaukee Public Radio, Precious Lives, and PBS NewsHour. Links to Aisha’s website and favorite stories below the flyer.

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Links to Aisha’s work:

Aisha’s website:

Produced for NBC News/MSNBC’s Into America podcast. 

Into Dirty Air, Produced in April 2020
Into Life and Loss in a Pandemic, Produced in April 2020
Into Police Chokeholds, produced in July 2020
Into Defunding the LAPD, produced in June 2020
Into Remembering John Lewis, produced in July 2020


Produced for StoryCorps

We never spoke of it, produced in December 2019
Love interrupted by a wrongful conviction, produced in July, 2018
Their love for each other grew into a love for their community, produced in February 2019
A couple on the loss and pain they suffered at the hands of a California wildfire, produced in September 2018
‘I was told I was a lifer’: One woman’s story of mental illness, recovery, and doing her own dishes, produced in August 2019