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Guide for Duke Networking Tools

Uncover industry-specific connections, identify mentors, and expand your network with tools that connect you to other Blue Devils around the world. Our guide will help optimize your search with ease.

Ask A Blue Devil

Ask A Blue Devil, a simple and smart tool to help you pay it forward - or get the help you need! Post a question or request advice on this AI-powered platform that matches you with alumni experts who can help.

Who should use it?

  • Alumni and students who generally know what information they're seeking and want to cast a wide net for responses.
  • Busy alumni or students: Write one message and get connected to several of the best-fitting alumni without searching for specific people.
  • Feeling shy? Ninety percent of alumni and students receive at least one response from someone who wants to help! This beats traditional networking emails, which only receive about a 40-50% response rate.

Here's how to get started

  • Ask a question by completing this form.
  • If you need help asking a question, check out this guide and video.
  • Keep an eye on your email inboxes over the next couple of weeks for a message from an alum (or even several alumni) through Ask A Blue Devil.
  • You can choose to answer responses with a simple thank you or to follow up with more questions or a conversation. Many alumni responders are willing to continue the conversation!

Duke Alumni Network

Search nearly 200,000 Duke alumni profiles around the world by logging into the Duke Alumni Network. It's the place to tap into this exclusive network of Blue Devils!

Who should use it?

  • ALL alumni
  • ALL students

Here's how to get started

  1. Click here to view the alumni network. Sort your searches based on industry, class year, degree, location and more.
  2. Update your profile easily with a LinkedIn import so alumni and students can find you. Learn more about your profile here.
  3. Share life and career updates by submitting a class note.
  4. Join a community group based on your industry, affinity, interests, and class year.
  5. Find and register for virtual events near you.
Screenshot of a Duke B. Devil profile example.

*Pro Tips:

  • Checking when the alum last logged in (noted on the profile under their profile image) can be a good indicator of how updated their information is.
  • Use this tool together with LinkedIn—depending on which platform has more updated information. The bonus of the Alumni Network is that many alumni include their email addresses and Duke experiences on their profiles. LinkedIn does not allow this option.

For more information, check out our Alumni Network Profile FAQs or watch the video below to learn how to update your profile.


Duke Alumni LinkedIn

A LinkedIn group exclusive to Duke alumni, students, staff, and faculty. Join to post, connect, search for jobs, or find out about Duke career and networking events.

Here's how to get started

  1. Request to join the Duke Alumni Network LinkedIn group.
  2. Reach out for help, post jobs, and connect with others in the Duke community.
  3. Search for members of the group and connect with them directly.

Duke University Alumni LinkedIn search feature

  1. Go to the Duke University LinkedIn page and click on the “Alumni” tab.
  2. Search for alumni by title, keyword, company, or location.
  3. Check each individual profile to view detailed information.
  4. If you are unable to connect with an alum on LinkedIn, use the Duke Alumni Network to see if they have listed their contact information and reach out to them directly.

Looking for your next step? Want to hire a Duke University graduate? Use #DukeAlumniJobs to search and find jobs and professional development opportunities in the Duke Alumni LinkedIn group. Learn more about the process here.

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